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  1. That's a great idea. And if possible, put in some real world weather.
  2. I believe I'm OK now. I ended up renaming fsx.cfg and let the sim build a new one. Seems there was stuff in there that was not right.
  3. I am now having the same problem as Wolfgang. I can no longer get anywhere near Andras Field without the Sim crashing. When I go anywhere else, all is fine. I bought ver 1.10 and ran for several days with no problems at all. Obviously I've done something to the sim to cause this but I have not figured it out. It seems to be a scenery library related problem. I have many add-ons that work fine. Specs: i7-920 OC'd to 3.6, 6 GB RAM, GeForce 250, Win7-64. FSX Deluxe SP2. FSUIPC 4.6-registered. Also running FSC, ASE, Ultimate traffic 2. Scenery - Ult Ter Europe, GEX Europe. I'm still trying
  4. Shaun, Thank you but that's what I did. Unlike the 20 or so other orders, the link for the 206UG X isn't there. See snapshot. Hope you can see it - but there is no download info. All my other orders show a download link. Barry D
  5. I accessed my account and got my serial number. When I tried to install the plane on my new Win 7 computer it would not accept the number. Thinking I may have tried the wrong file, I went back to my account to get a new download. Unlike my other orders, there was no download link in the order information for the plane. How can I get a new download? jbarryd
  6. I looked everywhere in the forum and the manual and I can't find. Is there a GPS/NAV switch on this plane? I probably won't use it since this plane really isn't the type for an auto-GPS guided cruise. But everything else seems to be there and no way to select GPS/NAV. Thanks Barry
  7. Has there been a fix/update to allow comm mic transmission to be switched between the two radios? I can't use this plane on-line because my club uses the comm2 for pilot to pilot talk while flying. If there isn't a fix, would it be possible to put a standard radio from a default plane in there? Thx Barry D
  8. I am trying to activate the KCLT airport and get the following: I'm using AES ver 2.04 (latest I think). I'm using FSX. Vista 64. Several other IS airports have been installed and work fine. I did have the KCLT demo version prior to purchase and uninstalled it before installing the pay version. I can't figure out why the Terminal_01.BGL file does not seem to be there. Please help! Thank you Barry D
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