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  1. When the MEGA Airports especially for PD3v4 advertise xxx area around the airport or including the surrounding airport or/and city can that be disabled by simply checking the "Diasabe Photoreal Island" for example in the configuration? Reason is I don't know which is nicer Orbx Global+ Europe or the MEGA Airport surrounding scenery.
  2. Nav-Data Pro Viewer what is it? It asks to be installed at the end of installation for Mega Aerosoft Airports. I have no idea what it is or what it's for. I always say no because I have Navigraph Charts and not NavData-Pro.
  3. Well did the flight over several times and came to this realization for me anyway, The plane has to be flown EXACTLY as planned with correct speeds etc. for the co-pilot call outs to be integrated into the flight and do what they and the flight are supposed to.One missed speed or setting will turn the co-pilot off to respond to current flight correctly. Again just because you have the co-pilot doesn't mean the program is "flexible"and allows for any inaccuracies in programming it doesn't. Anyway worked like a charm when everything is EXACT and by the way the airbus doesn't seem to like ANY increase in simulation speed which messes with the flight. That's something to explore since some flights are just to long.
  4. Following directions like other airplanes. Read all the comments on the autopilot with this airplane. All of a sudden for no apparent reason the Autopilot goes off (as in on /off switch)as I am descending from a perfect flight and won't come back on until the plane has completely lost it's navigation line of travel. It's happened twice. Any ideas?
  5. Very weird I believe I am in the right mode following what I read and Youtube flights. I check the flight plan prior to take off downloaded from simbrief plan in correct cycle. I view in PLAN MODE and looks as direct as I can get it to the arrival airport. I take off nicely gain altitude and suddenly I see added waypoints going in a circle that were not there before and yes the flight was Inserted and live before take off.Flight Plan KATL 09L - KROA 34
  6. To many attempts to get it working correctly following reading posts,Youtube etc. and still the autopilot does what it wants only within the Decent parameters though.
  7. It seems the autopilot dose whatever it wants when I get closer to the decent path. Frustrating to say the least.
  8. I flew the route at normal speed and the same thing happened. Does the navigation line that the Airbus follows have to go through the exact waypoint because on a leg where problem occurs the line does not go through the waypoint (waypoint is in the flightplan) but to the side of of the waypoint which is located on a turn prior to approach to runway.
  9. Create FP from simbrief load it correctly in co. routes. Check "Plan" all looks good no discontinuities. Fly plan speed sim to 4x arrive well before TOD and all is fine except aircraft doesn't begin decent (altitude button pushed)and no Co-pilot comes on for the checklist. Get closer to airport and aircraft looses navigation direction and goes off course. All weather data also entered prior to TOD. Leads me to think something is broken here.
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