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  1. Hi again, I had a response frol Stairport Sceneries and they managed to get my key. There was a problem with the store during the purchase. It's all good now ! I think We can close this thread. Snax
  2. Yes, I will do that, thanks again for your help ! Wish me luck haha Snax.
  3. Hi, Just posting an update. I was checking this morning to see if anything changed in my favour. Now on my downloads page, I see the line where the serial should appear has completely disappeared and been replaced with my e-mail ! That's very strange, what is happening ? Regards, Snax
  4. Hi Heinz, Yes, I've purchased SAM WorldJetways on SimWare but I didn't get a key. As for now it sill says on my download page "No serial number required" and still haven't got a response from them since. I'll wait for tomorrow morning to check for anything new. Merry Christmas, Snax
  5. Hello, I've bought SAM WorldJetways on Simware's shop, but my download page says "no serial number is required" wich I found odd as the PDF states that for the activation I need to enter my email and the serial I'd have received after the purchase. I've immediately sent an email to the SimWare support last friday but no response so far. On their website, the link for the forum support leads here so I'll try here. My order number is #1001043 Thanks in advance, Snax
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