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  1. Hello Mr,

    Could you tell what sky texture set you used on this screenshot: http://forum.aerosoft.com/uploads/monthly_2015_10/crj.jpg.282faf0d28b4fb69cd9bb718f620e968.jpg

    Is it some free stuff or some add-on?

    Sky colour looks very natural.

    Best regards!

  3. Hello, is it possible to get somehow box cover in pdf or any graphic file? I bought 767 before box was released and now I would like to print a cover at least<_<
  4. I was searching but couldn't find any helpful information. Paul G -> I don't know why and how, but now RPM goes down after few seconds. You wrote: "The RPM always maxes out on start up. . I was watching a few movies on youtube and I got the feeling that in real RPM dosen't increase to 100%. And how to startup plane on water? No brakes...
  5. I use Saitek X52. It seems everything is configured well because this problem concern Twin Otter only. So as I understand, while starting the engine, RMP shouldn't rise to 100%, even for a short moment?
  6. Hello, I have the following problem. When I'm starting the engine, RPM goes to 100% despite throttle is 0%. After few seconds RPM goes down. This was on Win XP. Now, on Win 7 x64 right engine do the same, but left remains on 100%.
  7. Ok, ok, I have only read this: Release: 18.01.2010 on Aerosoft site in pre-order section. And it still remains there
  8. Here http://www.shop.aero...nzahl_treffer=8
  9. Today or not today? We have 18Jan
  10. Thanks for quick reply. That's realy impressive list! And how much MT2010 drains FPS? I have C2D 3Ghz processor only and I'm considering Ultimate Traffic 2 also, where it's possible to turn the traffic off in unused places.
  11. Hello, where can I find all airliners list? I would like to know if MyTraffic2010 contains WizzAir, CentralWings, RyanAir for example.
  12. It is not necessary to install SP1 if you are going to install Acceleration. Have you tried my solution?
  13. Hmm. I think the key is the memory. When i load some airfield with any aircraft, and then load Hughes (not to load in menu before), all textures are fine
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