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  1. Thanks for the reply, Herman. Yes Sir, I thought of that, but then I would be turning down all engines on all aircraft, not just the Twin Otter and the Otter, default Kingair, and the PMDG B1900D are the only three where the prop sounds were excessively loud to me. I'd constantly be tuning the engine sounds for different aircraft. I have fixed the Kingair and B1900D with alternate sound files that play down the prop whine. And I don't want to tone down the 3-Blade props. I've watched real flights (never been in one for real) on you tube and the prop whine is very noticeable, to the point it made hearing the speaker's voice. I just figured if the 4-blade is supposed to be ought to be quieter... Randy
  2. I have the Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter Extended and the aircraft performs marvelously for me. Many thanks to the developers and beta testers. I have a question about her, though. One model, the Wheeled Cargo -300 comes with either a 3-Bladed or a 4-Bladed option. My understanding from what I've read here, in the documents, and elsewhere is that there really isn't a performance difference between the two, the 4-bladed version simply produces less noise due to a shorter prop radius. At times, the 3-bladed version can be quite deafening at my sim with volumes turned up due to background noise and chatter. So, I thought I would test the 4-Bladed Norland Cargo Livery and noticed no sound difference. Then I realized, the 3-Bladed model and the 4-bladed model both use the same sound file and sound.cfg so, of course, there would be no difference in sound. So, just curious, why go to the trouble of even modeling the 4-bladed version unless it is simply for aesthetics and pleasing to those who are familiar with the 4-bladed version? Also curious, is there any way to accurately model the reduced noise by altering the sound file and giving it a new name and referencing that in the aircraft.cfg "sound=4_Blade" or something similar? Randy
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