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  1. Is it possible to "slave" my Garmin 295 GPS to the AutoPilot in the Beaver? I enter a simple route into the GPS I do not find the button that switch between GPS and NAV on the panel (usually you switch to GPS before entering the AP). On the AutoPilot I press AP and NAV buttons Unfortunately nothing happens - I have to handfly my Beaver!
  2. Why not on the forum Shaun - maybe other simmers could use the answer....
  3. Can this be helpfull for you?
  4. Is it impossible for the makers of the Airbus X to answer the questions above?
  5. Thank you for the answer Shaun! But maybe Aerosoft then ought to change the text assosiated with the V/S knob in the documentation (mentioned above) , Because the documentation to Aerosoft X describes how it is done in a really Airbus 320 and Aerosoft has apparently chosen to simulate that in another way (= pull the Altitude Knob instead of pulling the V/S knob).
  6. Hi Emi, Do I understand this correctly: you are not able to "pull " the V/S knob in the airbus X ? Because I'm quite new with the Airbus X I am not able to answer your question about the flight path angle yet - sorry! BR Lars
  7. Just wonder if the Vertical Speed / Flight Path Angle knob is correctly simulated?? According to manual it should be -> right clicking the mouse should pull the knob. On my Airbus X this does not work. Comments from Aerosoft people / moderators on this forum?
  8. According to Volume 4 (Systems Guide) page 11 it is possible to pull the Vertical Speed / Flight Path Angle knob (V/S knob) and by this action engage the Vertical Speed. I can push the V/S knob with the left mouse key, but (unlike the altitude knob) I am not able to pull the V/S knob with the right mouse key. Has anybody else experienced this problem?
  9. What I say is that the checklist that is followed in the Flight Tutorial is apparently not the same as the checklist I find in the Volume 2 of the Airbus X documentation. I just wonder which one of these is the original from the Airbus Company.? I really dont believe it matters - but anyhow it confused me a bit that the checklists from two different parts of the documentation (Vol 2 and Vol 6) did differ in the order of the actions to be acomplished. I guess that Aerosoft did use the original Airbus 320 POH as a basis for the documents that is shipped with Airbus X?
  10. With the AirbusX comes different documents: - A kind of introduction with general informations and including a chapter 4 with a Flight Tutorial. - 7 pdf-files with information about Airbus X including Volume 2 about "Normal Procedures". I wonder if the Normal Procedures in Volume 2 are are identical with the original Airbus Normal Procedures? In the Flight Tutorial is off course included these procedures but the order/sequence in which they appear is different from the order in Volume 2. For me it is a litle confusing that the procedures do not follow a certain order. I imagine that the Airbus Company has published the Normal Procedures in the A320 POM telling the pilots the correct order by which the actions before, during and after a flight has to be done in a proper (correct) way. For me as a newbie to a passenger jet (used to GA-flights) I find the learning curve to be steep. Things do not get easy when information differs like that. Is it normal the "normal" procedures differ acording to flight companies or is the different Normal Procedures in the Flight Tutorial an expression of the author's own way of describe a flight? Thank you for a fabulous aircraft! Lars - DK
  11. Hi Steve, Thank you. Now I understand better. If you can find the time I'm sure that a guided tour with the DHC-6 Series 300 wil be most welcomed by every Twotter-fan Best Regards Lars
  12. I have been reading the article in Simming La Vida Loca! about the Twin Otter with great interest. And I have tried the described training Traffic-Pattern at Pago Pago. I presume that I am gonna use the series 300 for this. Allthougt I have tried with weights at 12.500 - 11.000 - 9.500 pounds, even at 9.500 pounds I was not able (with flaps = 10 and Torque = 10 PSI as desribed) to keep the speed high enough to make a proper base-leg and landing. Me speed just got too slow with 10 PSI and sometimes I actually stalled. When I used 15 PSI with weight = 9.500 pounds I managed to make a reasonably good landing. Is the 10PSI in the article a typo? Do I use the wrong model? Can it happen that my Aerosoft Twin Otter is another version than used in the article? I really would appreciate a feedback on this one.... Best Regards Lars
  13. Hi Albrecht, Thank you very much for your excellent help..!! I have printed out for forumthreads you recommended in your links. Filled with good information about the DHC-6. Best Regards Lars
  14. Hi Albrecht! Thank you for your answer and the fine material you have produced for the DHC-6. Is there a special settings for the Propeller levers when descending or do I use the same settings as in cruise? In the Performance tables you have made I assume that Np stands for Propellaer RPM? So when it says Maximum Cruise Power - 75% Np - 1650 RPM it actually means that the propeller tachometer will be on 75% of total about 2200 RPM? This relationship between the Torque Pressure and the Propeller RPM is special for the turboprop aircrafts. Can you write a few words on this issue making this relationship and the practical handling of the Throttle Levers contra the Propeller Pitch Levers more clear? I know what these two Levers do in the turboprop engine and the propeller system respectively, but I might need an explanation of why the settings are so and so ind the different flightsituations. Best Regards Lars
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