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  1. 904 downloads

    BAF F-16AM #FA-112 from the 1st sqn wearing the 85th anniversary scheme seen at Florennes AB on September 14th, 2004
  2. yes it calls FSX Weapons Pack...
  3. Hi to all... i was made a video for all of u to see how we can drop bombs with the Aerosoft F-16... pressed the HQ button to see in high quality! about the package for the bombs u can found here... http://www.simviation.com/fsxmisc7.htm good luck and have fun!!!
  4. 661 downloads

    Lockheed Martin F-16AM BAF FA-122
  5. 510 downloads

    Lockheed Martin F-16AM BAF Tiger
  6. 749 downloads

    Lockheed Martin F-16AM RNoAF 031 Tiger
  7. hi Hawkeye... about the multiplayer Radar if u have fsx u dont need to use FSHost, unless u are hosting pilots from FS9 but in fsx u have the multiplayer that u can host other pilot that have fsx and u can see them with the F-16 Radar (i am doing it all the time). about other nets like VATSIM and IVAO u cans see with the Radar because the programs that we use there are working on the fsx and not part of it so the Radar cant recognize the other planes. hope i was answer your question... good day!
  8. 1086 downloads

    J-008 Tail detail on 313 Sqn's '55 year Tiger'
  9. hi guys! for those who love an air shows i was found the F-16 of Singapore's Black Knights. for those of u that dont know them they are amazing team and they have a great F-16 so if one of u can make one it will be osom!!! here are some photos... if u want to see more enter here http://www.mindef.gov.sg/imindef/mindef_we...y/gallery2.html best regards!
  10. hi leonski! what do you mean by changing the payload? do u mean the fuel or the aircraft it self like the missiles and the bombs?
  11. hi Rod again! i am attach for your F-16 a link for effect that making a sonic boom, cerrier landing and a fest take off. just read the read me file and u will see what to do! http://rapidshare.com/files/219497482/COP3.rar.html have fun!
  12. hi Rod! the F-16 have a tail hook because sometimes when the aircraft have a problem like brakes or he coming very fast for landing there are several cables on the runway for the aircraft to use in this cases to stop him. the tail hook doesnt made for a carrier landing! hope i was answer your question!
  13. here is the link for the sonic boom effect http://rapidshare.com/files/215954788/COP3.rar.html i hope u will enjoy it!
  14. hi to all! about the sonic boom that u want, i have one in my F-16 of aerosoft so if u want the effect i can send u. contact me here or in messenger barakzo@hotmail.co.il or in email on barakzo@bezeqint.net (by the way i am from israel)
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