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  1. Update, I think this is a P3D5 issue. Previously I thought that this only happened with the airbus but it appears it does happen with other aircraft too. It was just that I get a lot higher frames with the other aircraft that I did not initially notice the big drop in fps just after loading a flight plan
  2. I thought it might have been the flight that I loaded from sim brief. But the same issue happens if I simply use P3D to create a flight plan between to airports.
  3. I had this weird issue, while in flight I got distracted and so ATC canceled my IFR flight plan. So I opened the P3D flight planner and after returning to flight my FPS dropped way down to about 2-10 fps for about 30seconds. The controlling of the aircraft obviously became unusable. I found that this issue was repeatable I open the p3d flight planner and upon return FPS drops dramtically. I havent noticed this with other aircraft. I normally get between 25-50 fps which suits me just fine. I have Active Sky & LittleNav Map open & running. I am not interested in using any other ATC. What could be going on here?
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