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  1. If its the same problem I had the fix is quite simple …. just double the size of the fx settings …. or rename and use mine . D
  2. Aye looking better., Realistically though there would never be so many aircraft on the line ( not in the era with those colour schemes ) ….. even if all flying had been suspended because some idiot had violated airspace in a microlight I have vetted a picture to show the car parking and the fire lanes to the hangars Being as the lazy runways had never been use for landing since the war I don't think you need the tire marks D
  3. Hi Dave I think only the main active was tarmac... the hard standings and peri track were concrete. In fact in the late seventies they detached all the aircraft so the concrete could be stained brown as camouflage ! It worked but soon faded …. anyway it made it harder for the pilots to find the runway . D
  4. Hi Dave Are you working on the textures as well as the set up ? I don't remember the pan being so dark and with all those pretty lines ! It was concrete laid in big square slabs . there would be a grubby white line for the nosewheel position and a very faded yellow hatched box for the houchin. And it seems a bit big ( or are the aircraft small ?) … I'd have been exhausted running all that way from the hanger to sort out a start failure ! Cheers Dave
  5. Isn't that the same photo you posted back on 26th August …… ? D
  6. We are all learning ….there is no right way to do these things …. just the way that gives you your best results I have found a photo with the cat on the right of the fin as well so that must have been its final placement. Its a true side on view so good for positioning. The nameplate is just a strip of yellow paint with the pilots name stencilled in black , other squadrons had white stencilled on black ( or blue for LTF). When I was twenty I was also painting a TFF lightning ……… ...........on the front of the line tea bar counter …………. tough work but someone had to do it D PS. Just checked and I think Russ was a Flt Lt .
  7. Hi Peter If you want to get it just right , I think your tail tricolour is a bit large the roundel with the TFF cat a tad small , and the union jack has a broader white border. I would use a photo of the tail and stretch it to fit the lines on the texture, the perspective might be all wrong... but you get the correct proportions and positioning. On the nose the yellow nameplate would probably be for Sqn Ldr Russ Pengelly. The photos I have of the right hand side show the station badge in place of the TFF cat and the TFF cat is a big dayglo sticker on the nose . Dates are different though so it might have been an earlier scheme... long time ago … can't remember D
  8. Looks grand to me , I use distressed metal photos myself and blend them in . Its worth noting the removable panels were Painted silver and so were never as shiny as the airframe ,and could of cause get scratched by slipping screwdrivers ( and being thrown onto the panel racks ) Try putting a very scratchy texture on the spec channel .
  9. In truth the TFF kites were subject to the same grubby ..washed...polished cycle as the rest of the fleet ,especially during the airshow season. and as they lasted from 1960 to 74 ish and 2000 ish hours ...less flying hours than the F3's and 6's. Logically the fin being well out of harms way wasn't subject to being walked on or having things dragged across it , and with no fluids present didn't get particularly dirty , just ablation on the leading edge and a bit of grease smearing on the rudder. D
  10. Hi Peter Yes I noticed the Gimp folder after I posted the reply , I don't suppose it makes much difference but PDF will open in DXTBmp so it saves that extra BMP step. For aligning I buttonize every layer which in effect draws a 1 pixel border round it . so I can copy and paste the layer with the markings say, straight to the alpha sheet and it is bound to align , then use brightness to turn it all white and darken as required . If I think I have got some overspill from shadows or blurring etc , I use the crop tool dragged to the frame borders which cuts the whole texture set back to is correct dimensions. To integrate markings on the spec textures simply pick the spec sheet you want and use the method as above, then place the spec texture in the aircrafts texture folder so it won't go to the fallback.Sometimes you can see a ghost of an old sqn marking and that is a good way to get that effect. Cheers D
  11. I didn't do a proper job on the paint alpha so you'll need to sort that , but it'll show you it fixes it . Have you tried saving your work as PSD files instead of BMP, that way the layers are retained , so its easy to go back and make adjustments if needed . Keep them the right way up , then upload the texture and alpha into DXTbmp and flip them just before exporting . lit_fuse_f_T.dds D
  12. OK.... took your bmp file turned the 11 markings pale grey.... ( all paint should be the same alpha no matter the colour ) . flipped them the right way up ... opened in DXT bmp and flipped them there ...exported as dds and all's well ! ( I only looked at the front ) Why are your files 5.33 mb …. should only be 4mb ! D
  13. I don't think it's the actual repaints and there is absolutely no difference between the f3.6. or T5 in procedure. I think the problem is in the new texture file, check you have the right alphas combined with the correct paint and they are all oriented correctly and the right textures are called up in the .cfg D
  14. When you are converting to DXT are you flipping the texture vertically ? With the roundel under the wing it looks like its flipped horizontally ? and superimposed over a very shiny zu-bbd front texture ? I haven't use gimp for anything other than bump maps , are you using gimp for creating and converting ? Because the .mdl calls for a specular channel the model looks for it even though you haven't made one yet, if its not in your texture folder it goes to fallback 1 , if not in there fallback 2 and in this case it will be metal or whatever is called for in the. cfg
  15. Hi Peter I have watched the video a couple of times … and for the life of me I can't make out what I'm supposed to be looking at ! Texture fallback is when you do not have a dedicated texture in that texture folder it will revert to the one listed in the fallback …. ie. if you do not make a dedicated spec texture it will fallback to the one in the common folder. …. OK just watched it again and I see what is going on … don't know why but I think the zoom is preferencing the spec at a distance , so I recon once you have all the texture set done it will not happen. As for re-working the earlier models with the newer shiny settings , I'm afraid not … it might only take a couple of hours to adjust all the parameters for the reflection and specular settings, , but ALL the existing texture sets both metal and painted would be obsolete and have to be redone …...and then all the testing !! I actually see very little improvement in FSX with the T5 /F53 shiny settings and in P3d it's only marginally better . Cheers Dave
  16. That first pair … the TFF kites bring back memories …. first aircraft I worked on after leaving Halton. D
  17. Hi Cameron.. …. I was starting to think you had all abandoned me If you go to . http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/category/2-liveries-repaints/ you will see there are a few of mine and Peters repaints in the general section . Just click on the " submit a file " and follow the instructions . If we get enough maybe Mathias would create a subsection . Cheers Dave
  18. Hi Peter Set the alpha channel to pure white for the painted areas , maybe add a tiny amount of grey for greasy areas , you might want to try making the spec alpha very dark or light ... can't remember which way that works :0) Dave
  19. Version 1.0.0


    19 sqn metal finish
  20. Ive got a shiny one ( see post #36) just need to sort myself out and get it posted..... just so busy though :0) D
  21. Hi Cameron Yes the black line is on the wing root fillet and that is on the front fuse sheet, ( just above the spine tex) you'r forgetting the leading edge is a wrapped texture and is in the wing underside sheet, so artefact "B" needs the paint colour adjusting there. The shadowy undertexture looks like you have the wrong spec texture ( ie 904's) for the chosen scheme. You must make the spec anew from your diffuse texture D
  22. I actually think your terminator looks pretty good , they looked just like that after we'd polished them, The alpha for the main (diffuse ) texture , is what gives the shinyness, so paintwork and dirt etc is lighter than the polished areas. and is greyscale. the Spec texture gives an underlying tone , so I save the main texture as a merged layer and work on that ... it doesn't have to be greysccale, I have just experimented by putting it through the "chrome effect" tool... looks good . The spec alpha can be left white , so you get the full effect. D
  23. You can extract the alpha channels from the default textures with the DXTBmp tool , ... send them to your photoshop and alter them at will, then upload back to DXTbmp and save as DXT5 D
  24. Hi Cameron The diffuse and spec textures work in conjunction with each other, and the alpha channels for each control their intensity. With the diffuse alpha the darker the grey the shinier the appearance , hence matt paint schemes are mostly white.. chrome is black. so ally is somewhere inbetween , I also lighten shaded and dirty areas and apply a random mottled surface elsewhere.... as I say , play with it to get the best effect you are looking for. The spec texture provides an underlying colour that will be more or less apparent as the light and viewing angle changes, (a good way to see this effect is to substitute a wrong (ie different) spec on the fin and rotate the model with slew) The darkness of the spec alpha will determine the ammout of colour applied ...... the lighter the colour the more spec applied. The actual spec texture can be any colour you want ( the default FSX DC3 had a rainbow spec!) , but most people use a darker or lighter version of the Main texture , just enough to give a contrast. That's the way I do it anyway,although I sure some repainters would be aghast at my method Cheers Dave And dont forget to save as DXT5
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