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  1. I have experienced this , sometimes in a very deep stall FSX can "lock you out" and the glider refuses all control inputs , pressing "Y" twice restores control and enables a normal recovery .
  2. Hi I have never had this problem with erratic tow behaviour , mine will fly the set pattern untill I get dizzy , so I can't advise on a cure for the problem ,but there are actually two versions available ,the earlier one (which I personally prefer ) uses a self installer ..... http://lennundus.orgkaos.org/failid/workinprogress/aerotow.zip (378kb) and a later version .... http://lennundus.orgkaos.org/failid/workinprogress/aerotow/?M=D (255kb) Both did in fact work perfectly for me , but I'm sure it wont hurt to try the one you dont have !
  3. This is a neat little program from Paavo Pihelgas...... gives the best of both worlds . http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8915
  4. Hi Michael You could also try the program "Aerotow" http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6497 It allows you to select your towplane and set a tow pattern .
  5. This chap puts together a mean video.
  6. Hi I believe this is a Filser DX50 computer in real life , but in the sim its a combination of the workings for the default DG808 nav display and B21 vario . On the LCD vario the upper number display shows the altitude .The lower is readout of the the L/D ratio. "Bal" and all the other symbols are just eye candy . Some of the buttons are functional , see the diagram in the Information folder under "Cockpit" .
  7. wingman5

    CumulusX Clouds

    Hi Peter I'm not really into scenery design so excuse me if I'm talking nonsense , but would it be possible to use clouds created as an fx_effect in CumulusX! ? I have had a quick try , modifying the default forest fire fx and placed it as a scenery BGL to see what happens ,the screenie shows the result, they are dynamic and even grow quite realistically. This is just a first attempt, I'm sure someone who actually knows what he is doing could produce some very effective clouds! As for the F/R hit if large numbers are present I don't know . If it is possible ,and you fancy looking into it I have included the bgl,fx and xml files in the zip . Four will appear over and in front of the runway at Lasham (EGHL) , it takes a minute or so for them to develop . Cheers Dave R cloud.zip
  8. .................AtosVR
  9. Hi Firstly I would like to thank you guys and congratulate you for your work on CumulusX!.Together with Simprobe it has vastly enhanced the enjoyment of soaring in FSX. Well that's the soft soap ... now the "BUT".... I like the idea of cloud shadows , but in mountain flying the shadows can quite often touch on a peak and jut out above you ! and even when on the ground they are so dark and the edges so sharp they look like holes in the ground . I'm not sure how you have created the shadows but could you not just do the same as the clouds and create a plane with a texture+alpha channel, but at the base of the thermal , that way it won't be seen from underneath and you can fade the edges. I guess the easiest solution is for me to disable the CumulusXCloud file , but if I do that are the birds still available under "natural" visualisation ? Cheers Dave R
  10. Top of my wish list would be proper flight dynamics for the aircraft . This is the area the forums for rival sims slate FSX . How about a modular system ? Rather than trying to create everything for all men , have a core that does the basics very well and have modules for each specialised area. Glider pilots would get a module that gives them the microclimate they require and towplanes that react to the glider (and vice versa)and winches . The military guys could have a module that would give them weapon releases ,target drones and explosions . The heavies would have their airport interaction etc. Carrier ops ? Pylon racing ?
  11. I don't think even the default thermals could keep that beast up .:0)
  12. just came across this piece of film........fascinating
  13. Where did you find the trial for Condor Soaring ? DR
  14. Hi Guys I have posted the fix for the Genesis over at avsim and flightsim as g2fixfs9.zip and g2fixfsx.zip .It corrects the reversed yawstring and also the rudder in fs9 , and following feedback from a Genesis owner I have reduced the rudder sensitivity and the amount of pitch-up when deploying the spoilers .Sorry for the confusion :embaressed: . Dave R
  15. Hi guys Thanks for the kind words , glad you like it , sorry about the reversed yawstring and fs9 rudder :embaressed: . I am posting a fix and also some minor handling refinements as suggested by a Genesis owner, just waiting for him to get back to me . A Marske Pioneer is definitely on my to do list and another hang glider ,but at the moment I have a Mitchell Wing U2 on the go (a bit of power involved here I'm afraid ) .So many aircraft to do..... not nearly enough time ! Dave R
  16. Hi guys I may be at risk of embarrassing myself by displaying my ignorance , but .... am I missing something with the original Cambridge vario in FSX? Looking through its XML file I notice it has multiple overlays for functions such as " variometer_label_push_speed_up " , and "circling mode "etc.but there are no controlling parameters so they all display constantly , which surely could have been achieved by drawing them all on the background texture ! Is there something I haven't found that gets these working ? But the main reason for my writing is I am close to finishing a Genesis2 which has a multi-function gauge like the Cambridge , and I wonder if it would be ok to incorporate your new codes for the t/e vario , arrival height and l/d in it ? Best regards Dave R
  17. wingman5

    No lift

    Hi Peter I guess the most probable cause was the seat to stick interface ! Dave R
  18. wingman5

    No lift

    Hi Peter Well I don't understand it ! I did as you said (and it is nothing different to what I have done many times over the last few days ) but this time I had no trouble finding lift ! And just to make sure I tried different locations and .cmx files which were again OK . So I guess it's problem solved ! The only thing I could not find was the "unblue", help just took me to the manual ? I've been putting in a recommendation for people to visit virtual soaring to download CumulusX! and SimProbe with the models I release , so I will now be happy to continue doing so . I'm so sorry to have doubted your excellent programme . Kind regards and thanks Dave R
  19. wingman5

    No lift

    Hi Peter , That debug was just one of many flights , I have tried with zero wind , and lean factor set to Zero . I can trim the glider for min sink at say 5,000 ft and fly hands off and the vario will not move untill I eventually hit the ground , and thats with the Beginners cmx file where the thermals are so numerous they are all overlapping .
  20. wingman5

    No lift

    Hi all I have chiefly used CumulusX as the vehicle for ridge soaring with simprobe ,but I had noticed that if I had thermals on schematic I could fly through a cuX thermal and not get any lift , but I put this down to the fact that they needed to be set up .But now having been contacted by someone who also count find any lift , I went back to mine to see if I could help .After extensive testing at various sites, times of day and year , heights , winds , all the supplied .cmx files and just playing with the settings , although the autothermal box is green I have flown through any amount of spirals but never once have I hit one iota of lift (or sink) . Here's the de-bug for a flight , I have noticed that the thermal lift, energy and sink figures do change but no effect is felt in the sim . Slope angle = 0 Slope_dir = 000 AmpWindDir = 274 AmbWindSpeed = 9.81 Lift Limit MSL = 0 AcftAltitude = 1938 Slope-Lift = 0.00 WideSpreadSink = -0.08 Eff. Thermal Lift = -0.08 SimProbeExist = True SimProbeLift = 0.00 Thermal Energy = 4.32 Sun Azimuth = 228' Sun Altitude = 51' Max. Sun Altit. = 58' Solar time = 14:01 Sun rise = 00:00 If perchance I blunder into one of the FSX thermals I get the normal lift and sink aplenty . Anyone able to help .
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