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  1. Well, I might have answered my own question. I set up Flight Sim X weather to clear and Setup CulusX to Unblue and I dont seem to have this problem. I guess this was some kind on interaction with the local weather. Will have to read documentation more. Gary
  2. Recently started playing around with CumulusX and must say I love it. I am just your average Joe as far as soaring (dont do it in real life) although I did complete 10 hours of training 20 years ago. I have followed the procedure of starting on a runway and then starting cumulusX, when I return to flight Sim X, I see the new clouds show up and off I go. It seems like after a while ALL the cumulus X clouds disappear...sometimes for along time (like 20 minutes) and just about when I am about to land, they reappear (not always though). Is there something I am missing in setup, attached is a screenshot of CumulusX, I think at the time I was having these problems I had the minimal thermal time set at 20min. Also, any suggestions for parameters in CumulusX and Flight Sim X for what I am trying to do: I am just flying around the Denver area, usually starting at Jeffco or Boulder Municipal (5300 ft), sometimes I like to fly around the rockies (some peaks reaching 14k). Still working on params so I dont enter clouds when I want to clear a 14k peak, but not totally sure what params I need to change. At this point, I am just playing around so I dont need the ultimate in realism. Gary
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