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  1. I have P3D v4.3 set up so that the Scenario Set Up screen comes up when I start P3D. (The 'Show at Startup' box box is ticked) This works ok until I change a profile in Simstarter NG, eg, go from the 'Americas' to 'Oceania'. After that change , the next time I start P3D , it skips past the Scenario Set Up page & starts loading the default P3D aircraft/airfield. Where in Simstarter settings can I stop this happening? Thanks W
  2. Update I did a full uninstall of Simstarter NG. D/L again from Simmarket & install. It is still coming up as v1.8.3 (Rev 1). It appears Simmarket does not have v1.8.5 (Rev 2) Anyone actually been able to get it from them? W PS: I went to the Aerosoft EN site to check the price in case I end up in a re-purchase situation, however it is showing there as version 1.8.3, so ??
  3. Sorry to bang on about this Dave, but you did invite me to come back if it isn't resolved.šŸ˜ƒ I contacted Simmarket & this was their reply: ----------------------"Hello,thank you for your purchase.You will find the link to download the latest full version when you log into your user account --> Your Download --> click on respective file.Note: the files offered are always the latest version made available to us..file names may not reflect version numbers, but their contents are the latest version available.if an update is not offered through our system then because it's vendor has not updated it here. please contact the vendor directly as we cannot help further.Regards----------------------Best Regards,The simMarket Team" I downloaded the Simmarket file again & installed it & it shows as V1.8.3.1 in the Installed SimStarter NG panel, & V1.8.3 (Rev 1) in the Updater panel. The file downloaded, when it is unzipped, shows as: AS.Simstarter.NG.V1831.exe 22,970 KB I am downloading the Simmarket file & installing it, without uninstalling Simmarket NG first. I am not sure if that is causing the problem. I do not have a way of checking if Simmarket has been sent the latest file by Aerosoft. Any help appreciated. Thanks W
  4. Windswept

    Having Difficulty Getting V1.8.5 (rev. 2)

    Ok, thanks Usually they are one of the quicker ones to upload updates. W
  5. Currently on 1.8.3 (Rev 1). Have gone to P3D V4.4 so I wish to get the latest Simstarter version. Can't auto update & when I go to Simmarket , (where I purchased Simstarter), to D/L again, they appear to still be on V1.8.3 (Rev. 1) Anywhere else I can get V1.8.5? W
  6. Windswept

    P3D v4.2 to v4.3, Simstarter can't find P3D

    Update. Did as you advised. Simmarket has v1831. D/L, install & it all works now. FYI, when I open it, up2date panel comes up advising that v1.84, more recent, is available. However, when I accept to run update I get a message: "Update not found on Server" Not a problem for me as v1831 is working well. W
  7. Windswept

    P3D v4.2 to v4.3, Simstarter can't find P3D

    D/Load P3D v4.3. Delete Client.msi & Content.msi for v4.2, & install the v4.3 equivalents. P3D v4.3 is working. When I open Simstarter NG it asks me to select a Platform, but none are showing. I suspect somewhere S. NG is looking for v4.2 & I need to point it to v4.3 Also, my S. NG is v1.7.3 (rev.10), in case that is relevant. Thank you W
  8. Updated P3D v4.2 to v4.3, now Simstarter can't find P3D , won't open. Anyway I can fix this? Thanks Windswept
  9. Okay Thank you. So I silently swear at LM Windswept
  10. I have the CRJ but I'm still on P3D v4.1 & happy to stay there for the meantime. I am curious about what precludes the CRJ 1.0.5 update from being backwards compatible into P3D V4.1? Thanks. Windswept
  11. Windswept

    AN-2 v1.03 Nothing is clickable

    May or may not be relevant, but there are 2 versions of the product. 64 bit for P3D v4.1 & 32 bit for FSX Steam & other FSX versions. Check you have the 32 bit version. Windswept
  12. Windswept

    Matt's An-2s

    Matt Hope your shoulder comes right. Where do you find all of the AN-2 aircraft for your excellent repaints? WS
  13. Windswept

    Matt's An-2s

    These 2 will be going up on OzX later? WS