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  1. christian98

    How to drive faster?

    I have installed A320 airbus aerosoft, and I see that there is a limit speed, when I am 35000 ft, the max speed is 270 kts, and it is too slow, when in the real life, the planes fly to 450 kts at this altitude, so, how can I fly more fast? What file have I to modify? Thanks
  2. I am finding a soundpack for install on my Aerosoft A320 fsx, I've seen in turbinesoundstudio but I couldn't find the exact that I want I am finding a soundpack similar at this video or this If you know the name of this sound of where I can buy a similar or download, please comment, thanks
  3. I have a problem with my Aerosoft a320, I bought it and at the beginning everything was fine, when I got to see the crew inside as youtubers do that they walk inside the plane with the Ctrl + enter button when they have the cabin camera Virtual, and there I have a problem because when I pass the door of the cabin, then I only see the slab of the airport, as I leave the plane and I can not see the seats and windows, I can not see the interior of the plane, any solution?
  4. christian98

    No me sale el avión por dentro

    Hola buenas, tengo un problema con mi Aerosoft a320, lo compré y al inicio iba todo bien, cuando me dio por ver la tripulación por dentro como lo hacer los youtubers que se pasean por dentro del avión con el boton Ctrl+enter cuando tienen la camara en cabina virtual, y ahi tengo un problema pues cuando paso la puerta de la cabina, después solo veo la losa del aeropuerto, como que me salgo del avión y no puedo ver los asientos y ventanas, no puedo ver el interior del avión, alguna solución?
  5. christian98

    altimeter speed don't work

    "There are two modes possible for airspeed, heading and vertical speed. Switching between modes is done by pulling (right click) the knob." It says in the manual, I do it but it doesn't work, only turn on the numbers but it doesn't change. Here is a screenshot
  6. christian98

    altimeter speed don't work

    I have installed A320 aerosoft on fsx, when I start a new flight and I want to adjust the altimeter for ex 31000 ft, it doesn't work, I hold with the mouse on button but it doesn't change, It keeps on 100, that same in speed and HDG. Someone knows how repair it?