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  1. without scenery it doesnt report the pt_asphalt being missing. I use invisible placeholder from now on , i was only curious , seems like noone else noticed such thing
  2. hello FlyAgi, here is the log. As i said, if i run the OpenSceneryX with invisible placeholders its fine, the textures on the ground are the asphalth you can see around on the scenery, i was just curious what can be the problem there because clearly if i enable missing stuff its showing red... I have fresh xplane install nothing is missing ( except that i removed the default Aerosoft / other folders in custom scenery / landmarks) at that point am sure of it. Log.txt
  3. Hi, i have got the limited time free EGCC Manchester airport , now... when i run it together with OpenSceneryX , it actually shows me missing textures , so i checked the log: 0:01:17.662 E/SCN: Failed to find resource 'apt_asphalt', referenced from file 'Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - EGCC Manchester/ground/ The file is indeed missing in the mentioned path.... May i know where can i het the missing resource ? Thanks
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