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  1. It's the same in my FSX-SE. Since the Aerosoft Airbus X and the new A318/319 my fps are really bad. But I have a lot of Addons inside, really much. GSX, EzDok v2, AS16, ATC-Pro X, UTLive, FTX Global and openLC and a lot of airports and a lot of aircraft. Usually I fly from EDDM or EDDH (taxi2gate addon and justsim). At these airports and at all the other addon-airports I have only 13-17 fps. Ok, then I deleted my fsx.cfg file. And again, bad fps. Then with tweak, so I maybe got 2-3 fps more. Very bad. Then I made a test flight with the Ultralight in Friday Harbour.. 150 FPS!!!!! So my FSX is not the fault. Then I tested it with the project airbus in EDDH and EDDM. 30-40 fps! So, Now I overclocked my CPU (AMD FX 8350 from 4,2 to 4,7 Ghz). Made now nearby ten flights with the airbus X at daylight with the same weather. In 2 flights there have been 21-28 fps. This is wonderful. But in 8 flights the fps droped down to 15-18 fps. That is too bad and not acceptable. Now I dont know, why the fps sometimes drop, sometimes not. The CPU is conctantly at 4,7 Ghz. SO what is the problem sometimes? Please help. I really need every frame per second! My system: AMD FX 8350 with 4,2 Ghz (OC 4,7Ghz) Nvidia GeForce 1050 8 GB RAMs Win10
  2. Hallo! Ich habe beide Airbus installiert,Airbus X Extended sowie die neue Variante. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, eine Texture für den Airbus Extended zu installieren, die eigentlich für den neuen Airbus gedacht war? Ich suche nämlich für die Extended Version den A320 Eurowings D-AEWM (Boomerang Club). Wenn ich die Version für den neuen Airbus installiere, wird er im Simulator falsch angezeigt. Der wird von unten belichtet, und der Schatten ist oben und Fehler in der Textur. Es gibt sonst im Netz keine einzige Variante für den Aerosoft Airbus. Ich frage, weil mir der "alte" Airbus X Extended viel besser in der Perfomance erscheint und die Beleuchtung (beacons und strobes) weitaus realistischer erscheinen. Vielen Dank an Aerosoft auch an der Stelle. Das ist heller Wahnsinn, was mit diesem Airbus für einen Flugsimulator geschaffen worden ist.
  3. Good morning, is there a possibility to tweak the strobe/beacon Lights? In reality the strobes and beacons should flash, now they are blinking. Thats not real. There are no effect files for the Lights??? ANd I would Maybe disable the trueglass effect. The Frame Impact is horrible for this Aircraft. But nevertheless the most real Aircraft what I've ever seen on FSX..
  4. Good morning, I have a question, I fly usually the Project Airbus A319 in my FSX-SE. I Have a lot of addons in my FSX (GSX, FTX Global, Active Sky 2016, Ultimate Traffic Live, Pro ATC-X, REX Sky Force 3D, and many many Airports Aerosoft, FSDT, Justsim etc), so my PC (AMD overclocked to 4.2 GHZ) ist working at his limits. When I take off in EDDH (Addon Justsim) at a rainy day, so I have round about 15-20 FPS, at FL 320 50-70 FPS, landing in LSGG (Addon FSDT) 20-25 FPS with my Project Airbus A319. I would like to buy the Aerosoft Airbus. Does anybody have experience about the FPS-Impact of the Aerosoft Airbus in relation to the Project Airbus in FSX-SE? So when the fps would drop so deep, I wouldn't purchase this one. But I need the Simulator as real as possible. In the pictures you can see the fps. this was a Approach to LOWI (FTX ORBX Addon), other addon Airports like Mallorca X from Aerosoft and Palma X etc have nearly similar fps. I am happy to have those fps. SO how About the aerosoft Airbus? I want to have this one. Seems to be the most real airplane on market..
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