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  1. Greetings all, I have uninstalled the prior ver of A320-321, rebooted, then installed per the instructions. Upon starting a flight, I am seeing flashing screens (ie, the scenery out the window is flashing), while sitting in the Cockpit in VC mode, while P3d 44 is running in 'windowed mode'. I notice if I do an 'Alt-Enter' to go to full screen mode, this flashing stops. But I need access to windowed mode for several functions / menus we use while in flight, most notably switching in / out of VR. This was not observed in the prior ver. Any help on this is appreciated. Has anyone else observed such behavior ? thx,
  2. Thanks Tom. Logging is indeed 'unchecked' for all three options in both A318/A319 as well as A320/A321 Configurators. I'll make a few more flights today and report back if this continues (ie, the file is regenerated). rgds,
  3. Good day, Thought I would report (and apologize if this has been reported or discussed before), but in doing routine disk maintenance this morning, I discovered a 93GB .txt (yes, GB, not a typo) file in: \P3D add on aircraft\ Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Data . Not sure what this file is, nor did I open it before deleting it. It was some type of Log file and sorry but did not copy the exact name of this file. Please let me know if you've seen this before, if it is a known issue, or it is some type of problem on my end. thanks for an amazing product ! rgds, JB
  4. Try it in VR, undock the avatar and behold the majesty of the Airbus. Awesome.
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