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  1. Nicolas Muñoz

    Lukla Scenery

    How ?? @redragon1981
  2. Nicolas Muñoz

    CRJ Checklists

    Hello Aerosoft Team where can I find some Checklists for the CRJ's ?? I bought the CRJ but I couldn't find any checklist
  3. Nicolas Muñoz

    Plane Shakes

    @TomA320I haven't installed the Update currently I hvave 130 and where do I get that ZIP File ??
  4. Nicolas Muñoz

    Plane Shakes

    I dont understand step 7 please help
  5. Nicolas Muñoz

    Plane Shakes

    @TomA320 My Product CFG of the A320-A321 is [Installer] ProductCode=1309 ProductName=Airbus A320/A321 Version=130 ProductPage= ManualName= ReadmeName=Readme.txt
  6. Nicolas Muñoz

    Plane Shakes

    ok I will and the FPS is 31 @Tom A320
  7. Nicolas Muñoz

    Plane Shakes

    How do I check the FPS ?? and Im only using a Freeware Sun Mod but that's not the problem becuase Before that It was the same problem and I have default weather @Tom A320
  8. Nicolas Muñoz

    Plane Shakes

    Hey Aerosoft I have the Aerosoft A318/A321 and In my A320 the planes starts shaking during Autopilot it is Extremely Annoying and I dont use it just because of that so Does any1 have solutions ??? Im using a FSX Steam Edition
  9. Nicolas Muñoz

    Lukla Scenery

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a Freeware Version of Lukla Scenery this replaces a Ugly Default Scenery to a Nice detailed scenery of Lukla All the screenshots are in the READ ME File