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  1. Where can I find the latest update if I purchased Aerofly from Pc Aviator? Why can’t we get our updates through through the software?
  2. The SODE jetway is blacked out.
  3. In the configuration app I am unable to activated the SODE. I followed the directs for the SODE installation and it does not activate.
  4. That is a good point. They just have to develop a system to update the sim. I like how X-Plane does it. They should update the sim as soon as they develop the update. Aerosoft update us.
  5. I had some problems and I was advised that there would be a update that week or the next week. That was over a month ago. It appears that the Steam edition customers get all the updates. I am tired of hearing be patient. I been patient. Why can’t we get small updates and get an update system that keeps the simulator updated. I think we paid good money for a simulator that is not half done but we took it on faith that it would be updated regularly and timely. So please get the update out so we can continue to enjoy the simulator
  6. Dave_A


    Why aren’t updates made in small bites rather then one large bites that take hours to download. There is no reason it has taken over a month since I ask where the updates are. At that time I was told a week.
  7. I have a small problem my C drive with my P3d V4 is full but my D drive has a lot of space. Is there a way to install Aerosoft professional and mega scenery on my D drive without getting a error stating it can not find my simulator. Please help.
  8. Dave_A


    Mr Mathijs Kok The GTN 750 or 650 would be nice coupled with a autopilot. I saw a AN-2 with an autopilot on YouTube. Is that possible?
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