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  1. Good afternoon all, Does anyone know if an Air France livery is available for the Aerosoft a320 professional, I have scoured the internet looking for one and can only seem to find them for the a320x for fsx. Any help appreciated.
  2. Does this work for the Airbus professional a320, if not does anyone know where I can get one, haven't found one anywhere.
  3. Well it most certainly does answer my question so thanks very much for that, I really do look forward to flying in connected flight deck with him when it is fully functional, is there any quick way to check on updates as the months go on? Thank you and kind regards, Joe.
  4. Afternoon, Now I am really sorry if this has already been asked but I am a little confused with the connected flightdeck/shared cockpit with the A32x professional, all I want to know is, is it currently available or are the servers down or something as I am getting mixed comments about it so I just want a clear answer, if they are down, what is the time frame they will come back online again? A friend of mine is really tempted to purchase it so we can fly shared cockpit but he might not if it's not available so I really need to know to let him know if you see what I mean? Thanks,
  5. I thought it might have been something to do with the actual sim rather than the aircraft, thanks for the reply though!
  6. Good evening, So I don't know whether this is actually an issue with the Aerosoft professional a32x or whether it is actually p3d but I recently have done a couple of flight and about 4-5 minutes minutes after departure I get a small micro freeze and when it continues, the autopilot has sent the aircraft into an uncontrolled spin trying to make the aircraft go upside which forces me to switch the AP off and fly manually. These are my PC specs: Windows 10 AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-core processor 3.20 Ghz RAM: 8.00 GB x64 bit operating system x64 based processor
  7. Joe.l

    Reus (LERS)

    Good evening everyone, Does anyone know if there are any good Reus airport scenery out there, would really like to fly into that airport and the only developer I could find was Akesoft and they seemed to have gone quite since 2015/16. would really appreciate if anyone could let me know (P.S I don't mind payware or freeware as long as it is relatively realistic). Thanks! Regards, Joe
  8. Sorry for the late reply on this topic, DX10 being enabled seemed to be the problem, one question I do have though is, should the runway/taxi lights etc look like the default ones, thye seem very bloomy if that makes sense, more so than any other scenery I have?
  9. DX10 is enabled and not sure what you mean by HIGHMEMFIX=1 Regards
  10. Evening all, Just installed the Mega airport Dublin scenery and looks great one problem I do have though is when it is night time, the ground textures sort of look like they are missing or something and the lights seem to be being generated from the default scenery. I have attached photos to get a better understanding of the issue. They work perfectly well in the day. I am using FSX Steam with default Ireland scenery. Regards, Joe One thing I should add is I had to install this as a generic FSX file not as FSX:Steam as the steam version didn't show up in scenery libr
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