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  1. Hello all. Just a short post from a one time SOAR regular. Good to see SOAR still healthy and active. I still fly MSFS but have been Hooked by Condor. Best wishes to all and keep soaring, real and virtual.
  2. Hi Norby Just read your new year post. Nice to hear from you again. I keep popping into this forum from time to time also.
  3. You have my full permission to use my slope files in whatever context or for them to be uploaded to any web site. Hope this will suffice. My best wishes to you all for continuing with MSFS, I hope you get a working soaring setup soon. I miss the whole world aspect of MSFS for soaring. Scenery for Condor is coming on but only at an area a time. But for the multi-flying an racing Condor is a blast!
  4. I remember the Max Cup. Organised by Norby and was very succesful. We had problems getting everyone around the world online at the same time. I was my usual slow speed and crashed near 2nd turning point. Don I if I remember crashed near St Crepin (there is a vitual memorial ther now). We also flew some of the New Zealand races online. I did a lot of online FS9 flying with the French on FFVVV and APS. I particularly enjoy the molti flying and currently getting masses of it from Condor. I have got FSX but not the hardware to run it properly. It would be nice to think that there is still a fut
  5. Thanks for this FL. I guess all of us will looking to see how we can upgrade our hardware with Vista approaching and move to SLI and dual processing. I think your post is the start of a hot topic and that hardware spec will discussed in ernest in the New Year.
  6. FL many thanks for this. It gives us non FSX soaring users an idea of what FSX will provide if we decide to purchase. I too have been a heavy user of FS9 particularly for soaring and online racing with APS/FFVVV. I would be interested to hear what the spec of your PC is and does it give a good FSX response. Your post indicates that it does. One of the things I understand about FSX reading the latest "PCPilot" http://www.pcpilot.net/ magizine is that MS have built a lot of future into FSX and that the PC and operating systems to get full use of FSX facilities are not yet common. Not that do
  7. Best of luck to you! I hope you succeed, it will a bonus for all other FSX users. I guess that some of us have tired of the fixes and fudges to get something basic gliding/soaring wise into MSFS.
  8. On the contary Mic I think that it is very much "on topic". I agree with you.
  9. I recall some time ago Don's write up on his first real life solo. It was quite a read and deserves another airing! My Gliding Club sent our treasurer solo recently. He has now put pen to paper and I think he has caught the emotions we have all experienced: http://www.nvgc.org.uk/S_Else_Solo.html
  10. Enjoy your night out! Happy Birthday
  11. and where do the failed Cambridge competition task flyers drop into?
  12. I am not far from you. I live near Biggleswade and fly at Nene Valley GC near Ramsey. :AA:
  13. I agree. It is the hardware that is a stopper!
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