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  1. Perhaps I should clarify; you can upload them for others to use also. Tony
  2. sf4JC, Please feel free to use any of my files. I hope they give you as much pleasure as they gave me. I am now flying with Condor. Regards Tony
  3. Hi Guys, Just picked up your messages before going out for a slap up meal with friends and family. Thanks very much for your good wishes. The big 60 this time round. Regards Tony :yahoo:
  4. Hi Guys, I'm really sorry I can't fly FS at the moment. You may remember that my PC black screens every time I use FS (between 30secs and 1,5hrs). I have never been able to solve this, so I need to build a new PC when time and funds permit. However I am following the forum and may talk to you on teamspeak. Regards Tony :ok:
  5. Hi again Chris, My IT expert has had a quick look at the problem and he makes the following comments. We can make contact with the FTP server but fail to login. (he tried this out) The security policy must have changed at the host site so that 'anonymous' login is no longer possible. We should ask to login with a specific username and password, rather than 'anonymous'. If they can set this up to work for us, then that should be OK for us, if they cannot do this, then their FTP capability is in doubt. I hope this helps a little. Regards Tony
  6. Hi Chris, Thanks very much for your persistence over this issue. I am sure a suitable resolution will come to light. I will ask my IT contacts at my client's office. In the meantime thanks for the temporary fix. Regards Tony
  7. Hi Norby and All, This is a tongue in cheek reply to your comments about Mifflin. Firstly I don't think my setup can be quite right as the 28 should go up on a whiff of lift. I didn't use the Mifflin ccs.ini as I am not interested in competitive flying. I put the landclass and mesh files in a scenery/Mifflin/Add On Scenery folder and called it up in the scenery manager. We can't actually 'feel' thermals as force feedback does not work, we can't experience wing tip lifting, we can't see birds and we don't have clouds. I can pick up thermals easily in say a 5kt wind, but then there is no lift on the ridges to help you round the Mifflin course. I agree that ridge lift is easy to stay up in, but it's not so easy to run a ridge at a higher speed than anyone else. I also agree that the ccs thermal dynamics are the best available to us, but in a 16kt wind they are much harder to find than in real life. BTW where do Schleicher put the TAB-W key in the full size 28's. Finally did you modify the Blanik, as mine does not have a Cambridge set? Any help with the Mifflin setup would be appreciated. Regards Tony
  8. Hi All, I have at last managed to complete Mifflin. I can't honestly say that it was particularly enjoyable. The aircraft I flew was the ASW28 (forget it in anything with lower performance). Yes I did cheat; I turned up the wind to 24 kts and flew under power lines and through a few trees. It was a real sweaty palms job with little height gained and no thermal assistance. What I find is, that by the time I have twisted and turned, whilst TAB-W ing, chasing invisible thermals, I am on the deck. But at least I can say I have flown it. Regards Tony
  9. Sorry if I have missed something but does Eric's program work with FS2002. It would be a shame if us FS2002 users miss out on this innovation. Regards Tony
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