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  1. I wish you all a happy new year, and hopefully an increase in the forum discussions. I'm still checking the forum time to times, and would be glad to read from those who have been the pilars of this site, and certainly the precursors of what the soaring sims are today, just to know they're fine. All the best! :winks:
  2. Nothing to add, but what if ... just saying it was enough to make it happen? Seasons Greatings Joyeuses Fetes Felices Fiestas And no matter the sims... it's time to wish all SOAR members a great great time over 2007. Wish you all the best particularly health, love, and friendship. :AA: :AA: :AA:
  3. Happy one more Tony! :yahoo:
  4. I could not agree more with Tom. How many years MS has been seemingly taking care of Soaring? Every version came with a glider, but nothing about SOARING. Now FSX requires most of us changing machines. Ok for a flight sim, but it's time to look at the big picture. Condor offers exactly what we expect as Soaring experience. FSX failed to jump in... What's the point of offering a nice DG if there's no lift in this FSX world? I have great respect and admiration for those developpers that have been producing their best to make MSFS a Soarable sim. But this release of FSX with the DG is a new pr
  5. It's been there for a while. I remember having tested it a couple of times when I was in Australia. More than two years ago. I never went very far nor very high, but it's just for spending 2 minutes when waiting for the coffee to drip. Addictive ? absolutely! :AA: Sad that the author passed away. An astonishing guy. :???:
  6. Chris, you have made SOAR a reference in the (not so) virtual soaring community, and elevated this reference to high standards. We must thank you for that. SOAR has become a serious yet enjoyable source of inspiration and renew of ideas. For me, Soar has changed my simulator's experience from a game to a soaring exercice. In addition to the fantastic amount and quality of add-ons being created within SOAR, I appreciated the content of the discussions here. And Chris, you've always been a perfect manager, directing these discussions to "higher altitudes". Hopefully, you'll step in the debates
  7. Hey Thank You everybody. I'm not too much in sims at the moment. Real life turbulences, family requiring attention, and a new demanding job, but I still read the news here and on APS forum from time to time. I probably need a '22 to bring me back on... But I saw some nice pics on FFVVV Site, and I'm re-installing things in my old machine to start training with Condor. So you will hear again soon from me. And as the nights are coming earlier now, I might complete this wave for Argentina before blossoms. Again thank you all for your kindness. :wave: :BEER3:
  8. Hey Tom, Nice job! It took me 5 seconds to get the point... Now the board reflects SOAR's orientation towards alternate sims, and it's good (to me too).
  9. Looks like there's definitely something good in there... or close to good. :winks:
  10. To make it short, I'm of Jerry's opinion: There's place for another sim here, since on line racing is not very popular yet at SOAR. And of course SOAR's ethics would be a must.
  11. Great job also on Australian sceneries. I just had a look at the trailers and it's amazingly beautiful. How about FPS with these sceneries? Australia being the place of so many soaring world records, I believe we, virtual soaring people, owe it some attention. Again great job from this team. :AA: :AA:
  12. Mozz, Great video! can you tell us a bit more about how does that works? We've been waiting for such addon for years now. Any way to make a beta available for testing? Just a detail though... In Australia when towing, the glider has to remain below the propeller's thrust so well below the tow plane (as opposed to almost the rest of the world where the glider remains above, in line with the tow plane).
  13. FFVVV and APS members asked me to thank you Karen and Don, "from the bottom of the glider". :AA:
  14. Merci beaucoup Karen! We appreciate your constant efforts to make our life easy and easier on this SOAR environment. :AA:
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