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  1. Many happy returns of the day. :yahoo: H
  2. I'd like to add my voice to the chorus and say well done! Your hard work has made SOAR a model for for the whole sim world. I particularly want to thank you for your help when I first started...your enthusiasm and guidance still carries me forward to this day. :AA: Congratulations Don and Karen...we are in good hands. :ok: Harry
  3. I have been following the blogs of the development team and have been flying the demo. So far I am in agreement...nice eye candy, interesting for gen aviation and the airline folks and attractive for the newbie but I dont see any reason to switch yet for soaring or my Golden Wings interests. With 3rd party development over the next year Im sure that eventually I will switch but Im more interested in Condor as something new to try right now. Lets keep this thread going...I am very interested in what everyone else thinks about FSX. Harry
  4. Hi Don - I havnt received the PM and for some reason the board wont let me use the PM function to send you one. You can e-mail me at newsnospaming4u2@pacbell.net. You know what to take out of that addy.! I am around all day today. H
  5. Hmmm. I think there is room on the ASH25 for a single 50 cal. Now that would make thermaling verrry interesting. :pilot: Waay too many sociopaths out there. I like the idea of a SOAR only race tho. I guess i need to check this out. Good thread Tom. Harry
  6. I'd like to add my "Well done guys" to everyone elses. Very challenging course. Took me forever to find the route upwind to TP2 after leaving the main ridge. Never did use any thermal lift...just doged trees all the way! Now it is on to the APS server for some Euro flying. Harry
  7. I like the idea of a set of races...mostly off-line with the last race or two on-line. That seems fairest to all and a good challenge for all of us. As others have said there are many, many details that will have to be worked out but that is the nature of racing...just look at sailboat racing for example. Each year could be a different location which would keep every one on their toes. Getting the publicity should be easy...most FS pubs are always hungry for material. t BTW, I ge the SQL message on my desktop but the laptop gets in OK. Bit of a puzzle. I have a hunch that the winner of the K6 class and the 1-26 class will be who gets the furthest not who finishes. Finishing leg 2 in one of these birds is like flying into glue. Like everyone else I get a glimpse of TP2 through the leaves as I grind to a halt. Harry [edit: Clear cookies on the machine with the problem, Harry. That should reset it. CG]
  8. There seems to be an epidemic of virus, worms, malware, scumware, data miners etc. I just recently fought off an assault on two of our house computers. Thanks to Norby's suggestion I have found that www.help2go.com is an invaluable tool. I strongly suggest that you visit the site. Go to the Q&A forum and read the sticky posts at the top about how to protect your computers. There is a great deal of freeware available to clean existing malware off your computer and then block any future attempts. Anti-virus software is no longer sufficient. Yesterday we ran a check on my business partners computer which had Norton already running. Between AdAware and spybot search and destroy it found over 700 malware items on his hard drive. Harry
  9. Me too. At the moment I have 2k2 on one machine and fs9 on my laptop. I seem to have files everywhere that I dont know where to put. Perhaps a good solution might be for us to compile a list of what is available for 2k2, what is available for fs9 and what works (and how) in both. Thinking about it, we know what is available for 2k2 but what is needed is a list of which of those files works in fs9 and how to install them. Then a list of what is just available for fs9. For example, last night I discovered that LAGO has put in an update for most of their mesh's so that they will work in fs9. You dont have to purchase it if you have the same mesh for 2k2...just use the same registration key (you did remember to save them didnt you?). Another example: while I can get the Astir, ASW28 and some of the other AC to work just fine in fs9 all of Max's cambridge instruments only come up with the fs98 version. Im sure it is because I have an old file somewhere that defaults to that version but I'll be damned if I can find where the problems is. I'm not whinning here for special help, there just doesnt seem to be a resource to go to for information. The excellent files in the SOAR Library solved most of the problems for 2k2. Would it be possible to begin to develop an fs9 section ? Harry
  10. Excellent. I had a hunch that was all it was. I will update my files. I,m looking forward to a tour of Switzerland. Harry
  11. Terrific stuff. Many thanks Paul-Roger for all the hard work. Don, you might want to adjust the links to his site assuming you have it. All I get is url not found messages. Harry
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