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  1. Thanks a lot, I had a feeling these products might clash, sounds like they are best suited to VFR flying which is not my cup of tea :-) Cheers
  2. Hi, Interested in purchasing some of the US city packages such as New Orleans and San Fransisco, I use megasceneryearth for the US areas I do my IFR flights to and from and I am hoping these will compliment the scenery. Does anyone know if they will work alongside each other without problems? Thanks a lot, Tom
  3. Shame, I get 50 fps when flying in daytime with DirectX 10, 19 fps with DX9 ( ah well. Daytime flights only
  4. Hi, I use the Mega Airport Frankfurt with a Nvidia GTX295 running in DirectX 10 mode. In the daytime it all works fine and looks great, at night for some reason the textures simply don't load up, everything is simply Grey, a friend has almost exactly the same setup as me and he has the same problem with Heathrow. I changed to Direct X 9 inside the sim and the textures loaded okay, but my frame rate drops massively so I never use DX9. Does anyone know of a solution or cause? Many Thanks, Tom Collingwood
  5. Hi, Thanks for the response, I did check there first but did not find anything so far, something has gone wrong with my avsim log-in so I am not able to ask the question there so far, I tried here in case it was a simple answer lots of people knew. Ill keep looking around. Tom
  6. Sorry if im asking that has been aksed many times before but what does one do when one cant seem to solve a check list error, for example im trying to use the 737-400 PIC plane and when in the post startup checklist "yaw damper" is announced clicking on the yaw damper switch either way does not help, same with lights if I skip the check and move on to startup check. Im new to the software so any advice would be great. Thanks a lot, Tom
  7. Hi, I made a mistake in backing up my files in that I saved an update for Scenery Germany 3 rather than the software itself which I need to re-install, may I have the file activated? Thanks Tom
  8. Im trying to find a domestic aircraft that is used in Germany that has been designed for FS2004 not including any Airbus series or Boeing (something smaller), anyone know if the ATR 72-500 is used by any passenger or cargo company? Thanks, Tom
  9. Yeah I wondered about that, Im not going to bother with Vista when it comes out as XP-64 does the job I need and if Microsoft are going to make the new FS only really run nicely on Vista and not even XP-64 which is still pretty recent then I will not go near it as I think this is bang out of order and to be honest I think fairly typical of some of the things they have done, but I wont say too much more seeing as im using its Flight Sim!!! I think my next project after I have paid off my present credit card :twisted: is to look at ways to make FS2004 more real, for example getting a massive 29 inch TV monitor or somthing like that rather than keep buying the latest FS when it comes out and getting usually an adverage frame rate before realising most of my add-ons which I spent loads on are worthless and then needing a whole new PC to run it in a way that really feels good. The potential of FS2004 for me will not have been used up for a long time, I cant claim to be able to fly Aircraft like the PSS concorde or LevelD 767 knowing everything about the craft and all the ways of using the systems so until I do why change...... the ATC is the only thing that really bugs me! Regards, Tom
  10. I actually meant the OS system. should this not be happening?? I am seeing a clear difference on my system which is an AMD 64 3000 (which is rated around 2Ghz) mobile chip (along with a ATI 9700), maybe it means something was not right in the setup with 32 bit windows? It really has made a difference, I have all settings maxed with the exception of weather which is left on ultra-high and I get frame rates of between 28-45 (which I have it locked at otherwise you will see higher but more stable obviously locking it) running Flight Enviroment, German airports + scenery, including Frankfurty which is pretty stunning. You can get XP-64 for 90 quid OEM official copy of course from a few comps on the net. I know some people have driver issues, windows seemeed to detect all my drivers for me, the only thing I cant do so easily is run video card ATI software to muck about with my graphics settings but I dont mind, I think there is a way to sort it out but I have no need If MSFS should not run any differently on XP-64 then I guess someone was up with my previous OS but hey, I dont mind :wink: Im amazed how good it is, thought one would have to buy Alienware or something to get a nice performance like this
  11. Thanks a lot that would be great, I will take your advice and go for the Piper Super Cub if I may, looks more fun out of the two and I prefer the pannel, is one generally more popular in Germany than the other? Thanks again! My printer is going to be working overtime to get all these Manuals printed!! Best Regards, Tom
  12. Thanks I have taken your advice and blown 222 Euros in the download shop on German Scenery lol I was surprised how nicely the new Frankfurt airport ran on my computer, since I installed XP-64 it has changed my FS experience, suddenly it feels like my comp is breathing rather than running out of breath! the lowest frame rate I got with the airport was 28FPS and most of the time around 34!!!!. I remember when I had world airports 2 looking at around 8. All of the software I have purchased from Aerosoft has been superb and I will not be bothering with anyone else from now on. New topic: are credit cards a bad thing? :twisted: :?
  13. Hi, I am keen to buy either all the Spanish Airports or German Airports + Scenery from Aerosoft as I would like to decide on a European country to make my flying HQ, as I cant really be bothered with very long distance flights ill stick to domestic, would anyone reccomend 1 above the other? they both look great in terms of pics, not sure if its worth getting the Scenery for Germany as I fly by IFR flight plans usually with the Airbus or PMGD Beechcraft C so might not see so much of it. From pics online and country terrain im a bit more in favour of the Spanish ones at present but if anyone knows better then let me know!!!! Thanks!! Tom
  14. Wow!! Talk about good service!!, Many thanks, Ill get it onto CD right away. Cheers!! I will be purchasing more through Aerosoft for sure, some other sites are really tricky to deal with. Tom
  15. I dare say this question has been asked millions of times but I have not noticed a solution yet in the forum, I purchased software in Sept 2005 but lost my entire hardrive which packed in along with my files, is there a way to download them again or does Aerosoft refuse this? Thanks a lot, Tom
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