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  1. Chris, You have good reason to be proud of the growth and accomplishments of SOAR under your leadership. It is truly an invaluable resource to those of us interested in virtual soaring. To Don and Karen: You have big shoes to fill and I'm confident in your abilities and desires to just that. Congratulations! Bill
  2. It is at the bottom of the 8th post above this! Bill
  3. Chris, I'd prefer AVSIM, since downloads there are much faster than FlightSim (unless you have a FlightSim membership, of course) Bill
  4. I assume that the files for the US, Canada, New Zealand, South America, Japan, etc., have just not been added yet. If they are there, how do we get to them? Bill
  5. Great job Karen and Chris! The site IS easier to navigate now and I'm sure it will catch heavier use. Many thanks to both of you for the hours you devote to maintaining and sustaining the SOAR organization. Bill PS Even checked the FS2k4 Aircraft Downloads page, hoping for a "surprise", but no joy
  6. Chris, That's a shame. The FTP site was a valuable resource. Bill
  7. wbomball

    Mifflin Ridge Run

    Thanks for a great event Don and Kris! Bill
  8. wbomball

    Mifflin Ridge Run

    Seems a little unfair to me, Andy. Next time, I'd recommend not sending any logs in until the last minute, in case the race was going to be extended. Bill
  9. Nearly made it to the 2nd TP last nite; 1.3 nm short of the TP and about a half mile short of the ridge just SE of Penn's Cave. I flew the Ka6e in the late 70s and early 80s, so was pretty familiar with its performance. Last nite, I had a "cheat key" thermal just out of reach from the next-to-last ridge. I stayed on the ridge for a couple of passes, hoping that something would develop between me and the TP, but no luck. Bill
  10. Anybody tried to fly the Mifflin Race in a Ka6 or 1-26? It's interesting, to say the very least! The second leg becomes a real challenge unless you're successful finding a thermal since, neither the Ka6 nor the 1-26 penetrate into the wind very well. Bill
  11. Norby, Regarding Mifflen, it is in Pennsylvania and I have a GPS file for the area if you'll provide your e-mail address. Justin Tyme has a fairly large number of files of 38 m mesh for the NE United States (Appalachians & Northeast 38.2m Enhanced Terrain ) on the AVSIM website. Just do a search for Justin Tyme. Also, Kris has one on his site Kris. If you'd prefer not to send your e-mail address, search for airports in FS using Mifflin County or Reedsville,PA as the city. Bill email is wbomball@charter.net
  12. I agree with Kris. Congratulations to all who completed the course. I made about 10 attempts and didn't even make it to the second turnpoint. What a bummer!!! The strongest lift I saw in those attempts was 3.5 kts, although the nite we flew the Sequatchie Valley in MP, I twice found lift of 4-4.5 kts. Bill (rootbeer for Trace)
  13. Geoff, Use the Arrows at the bottom to get the POLAR you want into the window at the bottom; then press SELECT. That's all there is to it. If you want to make sure that it was SELECTed, go to the Root Folder of FS9 and open the LNAV_polar file to make sure that the numbers are correct. (it is just a text file) Bill
  14. Norby, I agree!! I flew from the Start Gate to the first turnpoint at an average of 8.9 kts last night and tonight was even worse. Only once did I make it above starting altitude and that was in lift 3.5 miles from the Start Gate. Thought maybe it was just me!! Bill
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