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  1. Hi there! After fresh installation of LTAI v1.04 everything is working well. No double offset at all. Thanks for support.
  2. After installation of Holiday Airports I noticed that in Addon Scenery\scenery folder there are LTU2004_LGKO.bgl and LTU2004_LPFR.bgl files. Why these files can not be placed in main folders of relevant airports e.g.\aerosoft\LTU2004_LGKO\Scenery and \aerosoft\LTU2004_LPFR\Scenery? What is the reason of such rellocation? LTU2004_DTMB.bgl file for example is placed in \aerosoft\LTU2005_DTMB\Scenery.
  3. I made fresh installation on my another PC for FS9 testing purposes and have 36 files in LTAI_SC scenery folder. Looks like on my main PC-flying machine somehow v1.04 installer didn't change and erase v1.00 .bgls There is no double markings issue after fresh installation. In the evening I'm going to perform fresh installation on my main PC-flying machine and will check all this mess again. Thanks for your support.
  4. What is the maximum allowable number of add-ons in scenery.cfg file? What is the reasonable number of add-ons in scenery.cfg file without impact to FS9 and system overload? I have many add-ons and decided to divide sceneries by continents to limit amount of sceneries. Is this smart idea or not? I have separately Europe-Africa both Americas and Asia-Australia and switch between these groups depending on continent I want to fly over. Also have a "Big-Connection set" - only hubs - big international airports.
  5. 42 files with .bgl and 2 files with .off as I wrote earlier.
  6. The Af2 bgls don't have impact on this issue. I tried to remove file by file from LTAI scenery folder and found out there is no double files. Only file that have impact on my double markings is: LTAI_flat.BGL After remove this file - there were no markings at all and afterwards after restore this file in scenery folder double markings with offset came back. How to obtain this file with no issue? Are there more users with this bug? Regards.
  7. Indeed but Cloud9 joined forces with FSDT and their products are available via FSDreamteam website. I have all of Cloud9 and FSDT products for FS9 and I'm gladly satisfied.
  8. You may consider to buy EHAM by Cloud9. Including airport itself additionally you will have an interesting rendition of Amsterdam old-town. I've both EHAMs and can not decide which is better.
  9. Dear sir. Inside my LTAI scenery folder there are as follows: AF2_LTAI.bgl Af2_ltai_Airlines.bgl AF2_LTAI_excl.BGL AF2_LTAI.off Af2_ltai_Airlines.off But all these files came with genuine installation Wizard.
  10. I fly FS9 only and these are screens from FS9. No double afcads at all - i take care of double afcads files frequently. I use Ultimate Traffic as 3rd party traffic add-on.
  11. Hello. I'm wondering - why my LTAI looks like this? Every markings are doubled with a little offset. Bought LTAI with Holiday Pack and upgraded via customer service to latest version. The issue was visible both: before and after upgrading to the latest version. Any suggestions?
  12. It's a very good style with many add-ons I have. I always look on another aspects of installation too and copy/paste also another files in FS9 root folder e.g. effects, textures, modules, gauges, sound and so on. Using this method - I decide where I want to place my new sceneries not the installer, which sometimes puts scenery/texture folders in many strange locations making mess in scenery.cfg file and FS9 root folder. Only add-ons required to compare on-line with PC I install on my main PC machine.
  13. Thanks for the tip. But for example - Keflavik X for 2004 - doesn't need on-line activation but did not work after copy/paste operation. I entered also manually register values via regedit but without success. I had to install it on my main PC to work properly. And for another example - Bornholm Island 2011 X needs on-line activation but smoothly passed my copy/paste operation from one PC to another.
  14. Helo. Is The Balearic Island X also new remodelled for FS2004? Sometimes in such packages only FSX version is new but FS2004 stays the same. I have Balearic-Gibraltar package and I'm wondering does the Balearic Island X differ.
  15. I usually install files on my second computer and after succesful installation copy/paste only scenery folders and files to my main FS9 PC station because don't want to trash my register records. So, does the Airport Germany 2 2012 need on-line activation on certain PC or can be freely moved from testing PC to main PC with FS9?
  16. I installed only Trees_v3 by Gerrish Gray. If I'm well oriented there are additional textures, not replacements for defaults am I?
  17. try to modify aircraft.cfg file in position atc_parking_types= (there you can put values: gate, parking, cargo, mil_cargo, mil_combat, ramp)
  18. Why my ELLX looks like this? I reinstalled several times. Also downloaded most recent installer for FS9. Any ideas how to solve this bug? These gray blocks instead of trees are a little bit annoying .
  19. After installation of Dreamfleet Piper Dakota in FS9 my Norton 360 quarantined rxpgns.df236.gau as infected with a trojan.ADH. Someone got the same problem maybe? How to fix it? Is there really a trojan? this is a commercial add-on...
  20. Hello. My FS9 hungs sometimes (mostly with long-haul flights with big jets) and reports conflict with msvcr70.dll. I have mscvr70.dll version 7.0.9466.0 in main FS9 folder. Any ideas what is going and how to solve the problem? The Fs9 hungs on the last phase of flight or after landing. Never in first hours of flying.
  21. It's pity that FS9 versions are not planned. I think FS9 market is really big and worthy even in a.d.2009. FS9 is much better and stable product than FSX and many people (including me) did not upgrade to FSX.
  22. Any discount for more pieces of this masterpiece? I need four for my C130 Herc...
  23. will be there simulation of pulling out mr. rokita outside the lufthansa plane - especially for polish flightsimmers? it should be.
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