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  1. Seems like Carenado got access to WX radar. Any comments from Aerosoft? https://www.facebook.com/Carenado/posts/3883291248414327
  2. I haven't flown large airplanes like CRJ IRL, so I can only compare light GA. Just because other sim marketed as "authentic" it not necessarily means so. I do find adverse yaw sufficient in MSFS Cessna 172. In fact most modern GA airplane design to offset adverse yaw. Also worth mentioning that each sim has strong and weak parts. For example, I have never ever had to use so much right rudder how in stock 172 modeled XP11. Also tail draggers in XP11 is nothing close to my experience levying Citabria , Decathlon and T6 IRL. So be careful when you refer to other sim as authentic source of realism. Realism only exists in actual real life not in another sim.
  3. I have the same problem. When I drop last notch of flaps (45) autopilot pitches up to high AoA. My CG within envelope, I'm on stabilized , on speed - I see absolutely no reason why it's doing so. So far I find way around flying manually approaching GAG, which is good enough for me. Still such autopilot behaviour is in question.
  4. I have similar problem during cross wind landing. I'm using crab and kick technique. After touching mains, when I degrab I have absolutely no rudder authority to line up nose with centerline unless I drop front gear down and use NWS. I do not have this problem with other aircraft like WT CJ-4 or FBW 320
  5. I've read FAQ section regarding missing WX radar functionality due limitations current SDK. Since Aerosoft closely working with Asobo hence my question to developers: is that something that currently work in progress (on Asobo side)? Or perhaps something that Asobo may consider to add later on? Frankly I would personally settled with default WX/terrain radar for now without enhanced functionalities such a s gain and tils. Terrain radar would most welcomed and useful future for sure! Thanks for the answer in advance
  6. My options save OK overall, except "IRS align time" and "flight deck noises" - they never get saved
  7. It appears to be they were not! I thought if they are extinguished they are on. Now as I pressed them pressurization seems works! It started depressurizing! Thanks for the help! I think problem is solved!
  8. and here another thing. Over time pressurization continue until cabil alt exceeds max value. Here is the second screenshot from the same flight at 1:18 minutes enroute
  9. Thanks for replies. 4 out of 4 flights I have either delta P and cabin pressure warning . I start all of my flights from cold and dark. Fist warning usually appears above FL260. No pause or ESC used in between
  10. Hello, Before you send to watch tutorial flights or read manual I did both! I set up flight KIAD KFDW in CRJ700 full tanks, 68% payload. Upon reaching cruising altitude FL400 (which I get via VS climb 1500 fpm last 1000 ft) I got delta P warning. So I descended to FL350. However, immediately after delta P stabilized I got cabin alt warning. Please look at screenshot below for reference. I tried to press "emergency depressurisation" but it didn't drop cabin pressure to 15000ft. I tried manually adjust pressurization rate - it didn't take any effect either. Cabin pressure stuck at 16400 and rate at 300. I feel bad for pax in xi mask so any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi RL CFI and aircraft owner here. There are no sim I tried in RL (that includes FAA certified ones) resembles or feel one to one of controls of actual airplanes. I flew and instructed in several airplanes IRL that currently featured in MSFS. The rule of thumb for me (as long time simmer as well) is to tweak controls to what fit my perception of flying actual counterpart IRL. That include 152, 172, Bonanza and so on. Not only I have to do it for each aircraft but also for each hardware I have (yoko plus, honecycomvb, TM, CH and so on). There is absolutely no way to" transmit" 100% stick and rudder feel of real aircraft to each set of hardware. Level D sims did achieved close proximity but still not 100%. So bottom line it's up to each individual simmer how to tweak the control, mileage may vary though. Back to my days in P3D I used invited few of my friends who are also fellow CFIs in addition of airline captains. Since I have never flown 737, 777 in real life they helped to tweak my controls of 737/777 in sim to what they believe the best interpolation of actual controls!
  12. Thank you for a positive response, I'm looking forward for the service pack I haven't flown flight sim for over a year. After buying new computer I reinstalled FSX, added previousely purchased DA's Piper Cheyenne and finally added your Bushhawk XP. Now you guys on the top of my list, so please don't let me down Again love Bushhawk XP a lot!
  13. Hello, Yesterday I put Bushhawk in the test doing standard rate of turns. I tried to keep all turns coordinated, but found it hard to stabilize airplane. Also turn coordinator reading way off considering three degrees per second turn . Are those issues will be addressed in upcoming service pack? Thank you
  14. Thank you it would be great. Otherwise, I really enjoy your product
  15. Hello, I have recently purchased Bushhawk XP for my FSX (on Vista 64 bit version ). Everything seems like working fine; however, I can't get map to show i[ in NAV page on the GPS. Am I missing something? Thanks
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