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  1. Have got the SAT dome to work on a old livery but how do i get it with Sharklets as well ..?
  2. http://forum.flights....php?f=10&t=104 that should answer your question about EKCH Thor
  3. Yes i do have FsScene installed, however did notice that with all AI traffic off i works fine!!??
  4. Hello I have just installed Madrid 2008 and i have the same problem, take off and turn towards tha old terminal and black screen and CTD . Have the same problem when taxing also. Flew at night with no problems but as soon i went day it CTD
  5. flydk

    Sca 1

    Thanks i will give it ago
  6. flydk

    Sca 1

    Hello I have installed SCA 1 and i am fly from copenhagen/kastrup and should takeoff from rwy12, however there is a long row of aircraft waiting to take of from rwy 12 but nothing is taking off anybody know why
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