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  1. Approach into EGGP, aircraft should turn right to follow the STAR but turns left. Tested three times and three times the same procedure. Update, forgot the route: SONE7T SONEB P64 TENLI L602 SPY DCT RAVLO Y70 GOLES L975 DESIG TIPO1E
  2. Looks only you can see the date.
  3. I'm sure the others are in the same situation, and the post you refer to is close to a week old.
  4. because the most big players are updated the planes for SU5 but AS is still behind.
  5. In the PMDG forum the Admin talked about the pre-version they received from Asobo was much different as the version was going public. They had a FPS gain from up to 100% in the DC6 with the version they received from Asobo and with the public version they are back to the place before the update. Just FYI
  6. Guy's, This is, let's say at least embarrassing 😄 Find the mistake @Mathijs Kok @Hans Hartmann
  7. This week? This month? This year?
  8. It's a little bit a shame, no solution after 15 days but advertising the extension pack. Would you sell this pack with the same bugs and glitches?
  9. Hi there, is there any chance to fix the size of the display popouts? Even if I resize them ( they are very big) at the next popout they are back to the original size. Cheers
  10. I agree 100% Turn off the AP at 1500FT follow the PAPIS and fly manually. Trim with 700FPM and here we go. The Plane flies like a Cessna manually.
  11. I flown yesterday 2 flight west and southbound with up to 80KN crosswind. Everything was fine.
  12. Quick update again, tested again and for me this happens only flying to the north between 358 and 002 degrees
  13. Update, looks like has something to do with the distance to the next waypoint how closer I'm to the way point so less zig zag comes. Distance was 209NM and at 80NM to the waypoint the behavior stops
  14. Even after the update, flying in direction north causes issues with zigzag lines EDLP - ESGG course 002 and the plane is flying like drunken.
  15. Ja ich glaube ich muss mich da auch mal reinarbeiten.
  16. Hallo Armin, Danke für den Hinweis. Da gibt es quer durch Europa noch viel mehr Stellen an denen das so ist. Ich setz mich am WE mal hin und stell dir die Punkte zusammen. LG Frank
  17. Bei dir ist es genauso, da fehlt die ganze Stadt. So Stellen kenne ich in Europa viele wo fast kein Autogen ist obwohl es da sein müsste
  18. Ok, das beruhigt mich jetzt schon mal 🙂 Danke fürs schauen.
  19. Der Airport ist ok und wird richtig angezeigt. Das drumherum fehlt
  20. Habs mit 7z entpackt Gerade nochmal die Vollversion geladen, gleiches Ergebnis
  21. Leider das gleiche Ergebnis 😞
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