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  1. I've seen this sort of thing before, but not Madeira X specific. It is my belief that this is mesh related. I don't know how Madeira installs but I know some sceneries install more than one "area" so to speak, and these "areas'" have to be in a specific ORDER for them to work. My only suggestion is look in your Scenery Library and see if you need to change the order of any new areas. i.e. make sure FSX is not trying to "draw" anything AFTER it draws your new scenery. Maybe someone else can be more specific as to what is installed and where it should be, I'm sorry I can't. It's worth a look though, just in case it is very obvious
  2. What are your scenery settings at? Try turning up scenery complexity to max and see what it looks like then. Your picture looks very "flat and fuzzy" to me.
  3. I don't think there is no, as far as I can recall you can only get this great plane to follow a heading in autopilot, and maintain the altitude you were at when engaging. Once you've got the frequency in and are in range of the ILS though, it's not actually difficult to line up and land. There's only one other F-16 worth having anyway, and that's the Iris Pro F-16. I have both and for some things I prefer the Aerosoft, and others I prefer the Iris. I wish I could take the best from both and get exactly what I want, but alas I can't To be honest, the autopilot is the only thing I feel lets the Aerosoft one down. But I still love to fly it
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Might put it back, might not, don't know yet. Got some other stuff to sort out, FSX is getting sluggish to load. I guess I need to trim out what I'm not using
  5. I agree with this 100%. There are some very simple models out there, and although it may benefit Aerosoft to compete with those models, I doubt some people would buy it. On the other hand, if you offer something that no one else is offering, you are sure to get the custom of those people looking for that certain something. I've already bought the Cerasim Huey, why would I buy another Huey if it wasn't better than I already had? Someone else has already said that their favourite at the moment is the Dodo 206. This is also true of myself. I love the realism of the Dodo, and believe it or not, once you get used to that realism, you're spoiled for anything else. I've bought about 4 or maybe 5 Nemeth helos, looking for that something special. I'm about to uninstall 3 of them today, because I simply won't fly them again. I like the Cerasim huey, but it doesn't "grab" me if you know what I mean. It has some very nice visuals, but the Aerosoft one looks better. If the flight dynamics are good, I'll will buy it, if you make it too simple, unfortunately I won't. I know I'm only one person, and I don't really count for much, but if you know what I want, maybe others will post they want the same. Many times I have read in forums all over the place that people can't fly Helicopters because it's too hard, even the FSX default models. If you can't fly a Heli at full realisms, turn them down a bit, turn on "Auto rudder" that will help compensate for the Torque Yaw. You will always have to apply a slight forward pressure on the stick, that's the nature of Helos going forward. Holding a straight and level course still escapes me, but I'm not a Heli pilot for real. Check your gauges regularly, you'll see the turn coordinator is to one side most the time, use the rudder to keep it centred. Flying Helos is VERY hard on the wrists, make short flights and land often, give your wrists a break. I say wrists because I have a throttle with a rocker rudder so I use both hands constantly and my wrists ache something rotten after a while. But I love it, it's more fun to me than flying fixed wing. Newbies can cheat a little when landing, I did when I first started, land from an outside view so you can see what the heli is doing when you pull back to flare. Get your touch downs smooth and soft, then after a while try it from the cockpit, it's all a matter of practice at the end of the day. Sorry going on a bit now, I'll stop right now. Tony
  6. Did you get rid of the big Hotel in the corner of Downtown by any chance? Only it's now gone and I liked it. I used to land my Helicopter by the car park and let my passengers out
  7. You can open the "Panel.cfg" files in notepad by right clicking the file and using "Open With" then chose "Notepad". Then once you've done your edits you can just save the file as normal. I suggest you back up the originals though, just in case you don't like what you edited.
  8. I intend to, as soon as I see it released I'm a gonna test it to death Can you imagine using this in the Maldives at night? That would be Sooooooo cool. I think I'll go fishing from 200 feet
  9. Fair comment Mathijs, won't happen again The lights look pretty good J.Schweigler, that would be very cool. I've got the Dodo 206 with floats, and yeah it looks okay, but I've seen a Huey with "emergency" floats (like inflatable airbags you toggle on and off), and I thought that would be handy that's all Not really fussed though, you're the developer and you do what ever you think is best. Then I'll do my best to keep it in one piece the right side up
  10. Naw stuff the Dodo, I'll buy yours Got major problems with SWREG at the moment, charging a different amount to the amount they said was to be paid. NEVER had those problems here at Aerosoft so I'll buy yours when it comes out. I read every single post here over the last couple of days and someone recommended the Cera 412. I bought that one and it is very nice. One thing I noticed though, and I'm not sure if this was in any posts (memory like a fish), the Cera didn't do a version with Floats! Will your version have floats? I only ask because of the Maldives X scenery I bought. It would nice to fly this bird round the Maldives and be able to land at the water airports. Doesn't matter if it wont have floats, because you can land on the islands anyway. Tony
  11. Agreed. Recently gone back onto Helicopters after buying the Dodosim 206 and nearly all the Nemeth birds for FSX, I'd be very interested in this if the flight dynamics were good. At the moment it's a toss up between this and the Dodo Huey. If this comes out first you'll have my custom for sure. Tony
  12. I've seen this loads of times Mathijs. It doesn't matter if the aircraft is complex or not, I've seen this behaviour with 3 players using the default Baron 58. It is down to the connection, gamespy isn't that great to be honest. Hotas, if this happens again, you can try 2 things. Refresh the scenery (this sometimes helps, but I can't remember the keys off hand) or you can leave the session and re-join. This also can cure the problem. There are no guarantees though okay.
  13. I don't play games! I'm an old fart and only use FSX so I can travel the world from my armchair Mainly because I can't fly for real, haven't got the money for plane tickets or hotels, and it's too cold in places like Austria at this time of year anyway I used to play Jedi Knight Jedi Academy before my PC blew a hissy fit and I threw it out the door (busting pretty much everything inside it). Bought a new one and now FSX is the only software on it Tony
  14. Don't know what that means. What's a "no cd" executable? I'm running loads of files I haven't got a CD for. All my planes and Heli's haven't got a CD. In fact the only CD I've got apart from FSX is VFR London X. And the ironic thing is, that ain't installed Don't know if I've understood this right, but there you go, most of my stuff is downloaded.
  15. I'd love to get into this debate in a big way, but I won't. All I will say is this: At the end of the day it's all relative. I think that term is correct. Take a package like Maldives X or the Lionheart Creations Quest Kodiak, both about £17 ($25). They are so cheap anyone stealing them is pretty desperate. But then take say the Dodosim 206 which I just bought. Price quoted was a fare price, but the payment goes through a third party and they totally ripped me off. I ended up paying more than it should've been. And then again there Aerosoft's/Digital Aviations Cheyenne. Not so cheap and on the whole a good product. But because of certain multiplayer issues I don't even have it installed anymore. To me that's money wasted on something that I have no intention of ever using again. I can't "sell it on" and regain some of the cost, it's money lost. There are other planes I've bought that I didn't like and have uninstalled. Again money wasted. I'm not having a go at Aerosoft, or anyone else in particular. These are just examples of the products I've bought, and my experiences of them. Over the time I've had FSX I've learned what companies I will buy from in the future, and what companies I will never use again.
  16. For the record, and this may or may not help. I don't have any texture problems that I've seen, and I've pretty much been everywhere in this package already. Landed at nearly every little island, tried to land on ships too. (That didn't work though, I got wet feet lol). The ONLY problems I've had, and this is with ALL scenery, even default, I sometimes get black patches briefly while the textures are loading. I KNOW what this is, but I refuse to turn my settings down because I like to "look" at the scenery lol. My scenery settings are FULL except for autogen (dense or very dense depending on how I feel) and water (down 2 or 3 notches I think. 2X med?) I can see the reflection of the clouds anyway, which is good enough for me. My traffic is set to about 30% for cars and 40% for everything else. My system? Not as good as you might think: Windows XP Pro Media centre edition Pentium core 2 duo 1.87ghz 2 gig ram Audigy 2ZS and on board sound (one for voice and one for sounds) Geforce GT 240 1gig memory (New) and that's about it. I DID notice however that putting in the new Geforce card has made a difference, but not much. Was running this with a 9500GT with 512Mb ram okay. Hope this helps? One more point, I don't have other programs installed on the PC, it's purely FSX specific. Also no UTX, GEX etc. Just different world scenery packages from many different sources.
  17. Thanks for that, yes I DID mean the fuel not the airport At least I know now what to do. I did notice one thing though. In a Helicopter pressing <shift>F (I think it was) I got the reply "No fuel trucks available at this airport" I think it said. But in a plane I got the message "Fuel truck is on the way, you are number 2 in line" Not having done this before I have no way of knowing if this is normal or not. Any ideas? Anyway, the fuel truck came along and the fuel dialog popped up. I take it this is manually loading the fuel? It was pretty cool seeing this little truck driving upto the plane Thanks again for a great piece of scenery, I'm off to explore it some more Tony EDIT: Okay scrap the fuel truck question, I just tried it again with my Helicopter and this time the fuel truck came. I'm gonna have the silly sod sacked though, cos he drove straight through my Heli
  18. Naw it didn't hurt my frames at all really. Very nice indeed. I've been flying this for hours, haven't been anywhere else all evening. I do, however, have a small problem. I've searched and searched the main airport (VRMM) for the last 2 hours, and I can't find it so I give up. Someone is gonna have to tell me where the fuel is, because I've nearly run out I found a couple of white tanks that could've been fuel, but I sat there for a few minutes and I didn't get any, so it couldn't have been them. Come on, GIVE, where did you hide the fuel? Apart from that it's a pretty fantastic bit of scenery. I could fly around here for days. I missed out on the Twotter deal, but not to worry, I have the Quest kodiak anyway. I must admit, I prefer the Helicopters I have to look at this scenery though, you can see more out the cockpit in those. Very impressed with this. I'll be looking forward to more of the same. Thank you very much Tony
  19. This looks really great, just bought it for my birthday I hope it doesn't hurt my frame rates like the VFR London X does though. I can't wait to get in my helicopter and tour this beautiful place A really nice piece of work, well done. Now, how much does REX cost I wonder Thanks for this, I've a feeling I'm gonna enjoy this very much
  20. It's usually <shift>E for the main door. And then a combination of <shift>E and 2, 3, or sometimes 4 if there are a lot of doors. It's tricky, but if you get the timing right it works, just keep trying it okay.
  21. You're welcome Neville, it was no bother. I hope it all works out for you.
  22. Hey Neville, Okay I've drafted the tutorial, but it's a bit big to go on here . If you PM me an email, I'll email the tutorial and put the cfg file as an attachment for you. EDIT: Email sent Neville. Hope it all works out for you END EDIT:
  23. Sure thing Neville, I'll draft up a tutorial and get it posted tomorrow morning for you. Unless of course Shaun says I can't do that? I'll do it in a form that you can just copy and paste (if the forum lets me). If I can't do that, I will write the tutorial and post the cfg file. (Assuming the forum lets me do THAT!). Either way, it's easy enough, if I can do it, anyone can
  24. Don't buy anything based on MY recommendation lol. But it is pretty good. I bought it from Carenado itself just google carenado.com It has a gps in the VC and by editing the panel.cfg file you can swap the "Audio" panel for the "GMA 340" that comes with the GNS 530, and you can swap the Transponder for the "GTX 327" that comes with the GNS too. Of course you can swap the GPS just as easily. If you have trouble (assuming you decide to buy it after thoroughly checking it out first), I can post the cfg file for you to copy or whatever. You'll still have to run the WAAS config tool, of course, then do the panel.cfg editing after. That is to tell the gps where the trainer is and set up the 530 how you want it. Please check it out first though, you may not like it. Don't know if I can do this but here's the link Seneca I think they sell it at Aerosoft too, but don't know what information you can get from the shop. Perhaps try there first?
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