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  1. That looks pretty good to me. I'd be happy with approaches like that in a helicopter.
  2. @ Mathijs, I know this is something you don't particularly like to hear, but a lot of people have invested a bit of money on a competitors scenery products (I won't name them, but you know who I'm talking about). Someone else has mentioned their preferences and based them on a business point of view. I think it would make sound business sense to develop an "Andras field" for the USA somewhere near the Pacific Northwest region, or British Columbia. Not in it, that may cause problems, but near enough to it, so we can have our base there and go explore so to speak. Why do I say it makes sound business sense? Because many people have already bought those regions of scenery, but have no base camp to fly from. Imagine all those customers, like me, wanting a base of operations. I seriously considered Andras, but all my scenery around it is default FSX. After flying in decent addon scenery, I don't really want to go back to default. For me to carry on buying scenery package after scenery package is not an option, especially as I don't fly much in Europe anyway. I prefer to fly in America, Canada, and Alaska. I really like the concept of Andras Field, where an on-line community, or a group of friends, can meet up and go and fly together. A place where they have their own plots, and buildings. The concept is utterly brilliant. I have a group of friends and we pretty much fly together every day. I've spoken to one about this, and he, like me, really likes the idea but doesn't fly in Europe. Well we have, but haven't been there in ages. If you pick the right area for this project, I'm absolutely sure you can capture the imagination, and custom, of a lot of people who have invested in other packages. Plus all the other customers who already have Andras, but want a "holiday" home in the USA. I'm following this thread with great interest, hoping.
  3. Have you double checked your scenery library to see if it's in the list? If it isn't I assume you can manually add it the library. If it's in the list, then someone will need to help you find the AFCAD file to see if that is located properly. I can't help you there, I don't have the scenery.
  4. @Chompski, I think the taxi rules apply to the heli pads aswell as the hanger situation. I think there are some airports that have an approach course/heading for heli pads, and common sense dictates that it will depend on which side of the runway the pad is. ie you wouldn't approach a heli pad on the east side of north/south runway from the west crossing the runway, you would approach it from the east. I assume it would be like turning a base leg early from the downwind leg. I haven't got Andras field, but I'm looking into getting it, so I don't know the layout of the runways, taxi ways etc. I was only giving a general rule. As a virtual civilian pilot, I use fixed wing approaches in my helicopters. My taxiing isn't great, so buildings usually get busted up
  5. Helicopters should use the same procedures as fixed wing for approach and landing, the only difference being the taxi. They should hover/taxi to parking at around 15 feet, at a walking pace. That is as far as I understand it.
  6. So glad you like it, I really enjoy flying this bird when I do the distance IFR flying I try to do Haven't flown her in a long while though, been busy with low and slow VFR.
  7. This does look pretty good indeed, but I have a question: Is this going to be another one of those addons that will only work well for people who are rich enough to afford the latest i5's and i7's, or is it going to work on a computer that was designed to run FSX when it first came out? That means basically, can us mere mortals run this software?
  8. Sorry about this guys, I recommend the Seneca too. There are still issues with multiplay and the Cheyenne that were never fixed. As you intend to use in Andras Field, go with the Seneca my friend. You won't be disappointed. It has no issues that I have come across, and it is a very nice twin to fly.
  9. Long time since I flew this bird, but I'm pretty sure there isn't a speed hold. The altitude hold, by the way, is just that. It holds altitude. You can't set up an altitude on the auto pilot and fly to it, which is a shame. you have to reach your altitude first, then set the auto pilot. If I remember right, the auto pilot has a roll hold (Attitude hold maybe?) ie. it will fly in circles if need be. And as mentioned, heading hold. I think this was the most useful. The heading was adjusted on the centre consul HSI I believe.
  10. Don't really want to get into a political debate on here stevehow, sorry. Let's just say I have no pride to be British, and I'm disgusted with our government. @Ticiana Have you found the other links yet? Do they not help you?
  11. Sorry about that, it felt like someone had just stabbed me in the eye with a sharp stick. Where was I? Oh yes "Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and so is common sense" I am always mindful that there are many people from different countries reading any forum on the internet, so maybe I'm a bit more sensitive than others to the plight of different languages. Balas says "English is a strange language", and indeed that is correct. "There", "Their" and "They're" all sound the same when spoken, but all have totally different meanings. How is someone who doesn't speak English well supposed to know which one to use for a given purpose? I am English (I'm sorry to say), and even I don't understand the language fully. It is without a doubt the most difficult language to learn. So please have a bit of consideration for other people around the world who do not speak it as a first language.
  12. "FYI, they speak Portuguese in Brazil." Thank you, I wasn't aware of this. I know there is a Portuguese forum here, and someone has suggested a trip over there to help. Good suggestion. @ William.M "I WANT MY LANDS AIRBUSX" This sounds like someone who has a command of the English language does it? "Does anyone doubt that the products sold by Aerosoft and a higher quality than the other bidder?" Again, does this look like something YOU would write? I doubt it. I stand by what I said, The difficulties in translation were NOT taken into consideration. @balas Thank you for your admission that your initial reaction was a bit "inconsiderate" shall we say? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and so is common sense. I'd like to carry on writing more, but my head just exploded with pain. Back later.
  13. No Ticiana, I'm not part of the Aerosoft team. I do not have the skills to be a developer I'm afraid. Nor do I have the skill to pilot a large plane like the Airbus, that's why any help I could give is limited to the 2 links I posted. Like you, I don't know what to search for. In my case it's because I don't know the airplane, or the problems with flying it. If you can't get the answers you need in those links, then I'm sorry. Maybe someone will realise that there is a language barrier that needs to be overcome to help you further. I wish you good luck, and hope you can get some support soon. Using a translator is very difficult indeed, I've tried translating from the German and French I know into English, and it wasn't a perfect translation. I don't know any Brazilian at all, so I admire you for trying to get your message across in English. The translator I have doesn't even translate Brazilian, so what does that tell you. On the same note, I hope you understand that it won't be easy for an English speaking person to write a response that you may understand. My hope is that you could get someone else, who speaks Brazilian, to help with anything technical. Tony
  14. I am truly disgusted by some of the replies in this thread. It is perfectly obvious from the very first LINE that English is not this persons first language. It's all right for those of us who can write and speak English, but it's a totally different story for people who have to translate their own language into English to express what they are trying to say. There are those of you on here who should be ashamed of yourselves for your comments, I won't name you! We live here on the internet in a multi cultural society, and it seems people still can't give quarter to those who don't speak the same language as themselves. Shame on you. @Shaun. I hate to say I'm a little disappointed in your last reply. Yes it's fair to say there probably are other posts/threads on here about the same subject, but being an admin I'm sure you could've directed this person with a link. I recall my statement that English isn't this persons first language, and may not know the right terms to search for. @Ticiana. You could try HERE first. This sounds like your issue. Or you could try THIS THREAD which is a link in the first thread I gave you. I don't have this plane, so can't help you directly. But maybe those 2 threads will point you in the right direction.
  15. Congratulations to you BOTH, I couldn't have picked between the two to be honest, I do not envy the judge on this one
  16. Sorry to say this, but hjcurtis has posted the best picture (technically speaking) in this thread so far. To get good screen shots, aviation rules are sometimes broken. People may not like it, but the resulting quality of the screen shots must, at the end of the day, justify it. Now it's upto the rest of you glider pilots to post something better. Disclaimer: These views are my own personal opinion (which you can't change, alter or complain about), and are in no way connected with anyone running, or posting on this forum
  17. My Mac, and BT Vision are connected to the internet 24/7 (except for reboots). My iPhone is always connected whenever I'm home My FSX PC is purely that, an FSX PC and only connects to the internet when I'm flying. Occasionally it's connected for registration (which I hate doing on the PC), or the forced PC download (which I also hate). The laptop is very rarely connected, or even switched on. The other internet connectable gadgets in the house (not many) are very rarely connected also. My main use for internet connection is the Mac, everything is done on the Mac, email, surfing, downloading, streaming youtube, on-line TV etc.
  18. Holly crap, that was a brilliant video. I really enjoyed that, thought it was real
  19. Love this paint, it's my default Amphibian paint for this bird. 5 *****
  20. Damn, I just cleaned out my photo library of all the flaw pictures I took. Typical I had a brilliant water one.
  21. I agree, go have a look at BOB, the site is Here You aren't a "model" as such, but your view is as if you a person walking around. He can travel at up to 80 knots, which isn't realistic, but it makes for getting to interesting places a bit quicker. If you have these amazing addon airports, it makes sense to want to have a good look around.
  22. This topic only needs one thread not FOUR, mods please delete the excess threads.
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