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  1. @LH4371: The things you were mentioning in the post are in my opinion things of less relevance. The proposed rating system will be not trustable without checkrides. Points for well-done flights can only be as ridiculous as they are in FSPassengers. The proposed frequency exchange with the networks sounds good - this requires an API that Online Network Pilot clients can talk to. Thank you for incorporating online networks in your development planning I have never developped a pilot client for the networks, but the key capabilities of the sim should be: * ability for external programs (modules) to open custom windows within the Sim * ability to read plane position/alt/hdg+all axis angles/groundspeed/com frequencies/XPDR code (and mode?) * ability to insert (AI) planes into the simulation * ability to write weather data to the SIM (preferrably just give it a METAR) or allow real time weather in the sim (I think you are planning that, as well) - anyhow, sometimes it makes sense to be able to select the network's weather, see ActiveSky where they have this possibility. Mind that upper winds are important, too. Really great would be: * ability to read transponder mode. Set Standby/A/C/S from the cockpit, not in the pilot client, as we have now * updateable Nav-database (I think you mentioned that earlier) * updateable Groundlayouts of not-sceneried airports (aca AFCAD) * option "do not pause when switching windows" (quite important for online flyers) A good API and good userbase or good potential in the sim will be the key that Online Network software will be developped. I praise your mentioning of a good API, and your experience in the feelings of Addon products developpers will make this a great sim
  2. Leave out ATC: it is so much regional-dependant, you just cannot get that right. Instead provide a framework where online-networks like VATSIM can easily plug in. Make it debuggable for the normal user: give option to write out a lot of logfiles. We see so many CTD's and non-functioning add-ons that this is a real necessity for a serious software. Keep it open: I know you are aerosoft and you want to make money by add-ons. Anyway I want to remind you that some of the greatest momentum in game industry is driven by volunteers. Provide at least a decent API, better still release the source-code of modules like weather, user-input, sound...
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