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  1. Due to be based away from home I've been doing all my simming on a laptop, an old core2duo t9400 at 2.53, 4gb ram and an ati hd3650 with 512mb dedicated ram.. I use FSX only with the diamond katana, do-27 and the pmdg 737ngx, however i need to run FSX with really low settings which isn't much of a problem to me, as long as it is smooth and the ac looks good (anti-aliasing is the only thing i wont give up) I'm happy .
  2. No one was setting a conflict, neither comparing, I was just saying I find the katana more fun to fly. And it's not because I find the ngx difficult to learn or master, that wouldn't definitely be the case... The thing in my opinion is the katana, while being an extreme complex simulation of the real aircraft, brings me the perfect simulation of the "fun" real world aviation side, the one that people who enjoy flying do on their spare time as a hobby. For example, maintenance wise, the pmdg has a wear and tear simulation, and I keep seeing people asking on the forum for a virtual hangar where you could add oil or fix this or that in the ngx... Guess what, in real life no pilot would ever do that, as soon as you land from your last sector back to your home base, all pax disembark and you're ready to go home, you get the visit of a small van with a really smart guy inside who climbs into the a/c and asks us if something is wrong, well, usually we say no, however and despite our word he goes around and does a complete check of everything, ensuring that the a/c is ready for the next flight in the next morning! And the maintenance is always done within the limits, so, as no components ever go beyond their maintenance interval without proper care, chances for you to get a severe malfunction are ridiculous low... Now imagine you're using a katana in the real life, you don't have a background of engineers backing you up, you rely on your knowledge and understanding of the a/c systems to keep it airworthy, you need to ensure everything is right, you need to feel the engine and listen to it, and then, only then, you actually need to fly it. The katana 4x makes you do all this, and for me that's simulated fun, with the most detail I've ever seen! The developer got it so so right with this little aircraft! In the end I'm sure none of us were comparing anything, just expressing an opinion about what we think is fun good or bad to ourselves, exactly as you did. And I'm glad you did it, and I accept it because there's plenty of background in the flight sim world, and as I see it there's always a chance to learn something new due to the pluralism existent on this communities .
  3. True Mathijs.I bought the 737 out of curiosity as I spend most of my time inside a real one.Fair enough,it is quite realistic and delivers what it is promised.However in the end it grants us with the opportunity to learn something that,once and if mastered,becomes boring.A good friend of mine always said to me "you should live aviation as a hobby,if you do it for a living,the fun goes away really soon". I'm starting to think he was right. So for me the katana brings me the fun hobby part of the aviation,and gets it seriously right!!Isn't that great?It gives me the chance to experience something that I should do more often in the real life...And maybe I will start doing it. Thanks for the excellent product! Sorry for any mistakes,written on a phone.
  4. Bought this aircraft a couple of days ago, together with the pmdg 737ngx, and I'm spending more time flying the katana than the big one ahah!I'm having loads of fun taking off and doing small circuits in order to fully adjust the trim tabs!! well done, it's going to replace the do-27 as my favorite fs aircraft!
  5. Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in Cusco?
  6. Just to wish a happy christmas to you all! Have fun and avoid to drink if you're driving! Best regards, Carlos Domingos
  7. That's true, even the cockpits are to bright for my taste during night in FSX/FS9.
  8. You're right! And I shouldn't have made such mistake, well if my boss don't find out I'll be ok anyway .
  9. Well, this is also related to air friction but the air in front of the aircraft is compressed into a supersonic shock wave, and the energy generated by this heats the airframe.
  10. I believe insurance companies have something to do with the fact that airplanes don't take off automatically.
  11. Only after the airplane reaches some speed the rudder becomes effective, and autopilot doesn't control airplane wheels.?
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