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  1. LOL - I really can't believe somebody is still trying to use this stuff. It must be easier to build a new one from scratch... Regards, Max.
  2. Hi all, it's great to see that the old SOAR message board has arrived safely at it's new home... May it be the start of a new era and bring new heights to the virtual soaring community... :cheers2: Max ps - LOL whatever happened to my favourite icon ? M.
  3. Did you ever try to convert a FSX plane with 3d instruments in the VC ? I did... try... :cry: :cheers2: Max
  4. I've got Silent Wings, think it's great, but have you ever tried adding a plane other than those on their website ? :cheers2: Max
  5. Karen and Don, I'm glad you took the decision to go with Mathijs - I'm sure we will get some new members... :cheers2: Max
  6. Frank, can you mail me the *.dat file you're using and the GPS-NAV.dat file you created ? I just tested the LS with CAI-set and it worked ok... (had to dug out the #$%&* manual to get it running... ) :cheers2: Max
  7. I'll look into it - haven't run the CAI-set on FSX myself... :cheers2: Max
  8. ok, I could do with some help... There's a new recorder to be tested - it comes with a new viewer, a new plane and some other stuff. Let me warn you: there won't be an installer - all the stuff has to be installed manually so you should know how to move some files around - and it's FSX only... :cry: So if you have some time to spare and love to test something new, send me a PM, I'll prepare a readme file, put a little zip together and mail you a download link - in a couple of days... It's all still in alpha state so be prepared for a lot of bugs - even the plane isn't finished... :embaressed: Anyone in for a little fun? :not_i: :cheers2: Max
  9. Option 1 sounds great to me - and Mathijs always loved virtual soaring - first at Lago (remember Emma Field ? - still the only scenery add-on you really need for fs2002/4... :wink: ) and now at Aerosoft (check out the Discus they are building :lightbulb: ) ... :cheers2: Max
  10. The way things are going I'll have an alpha version of the Glider Aerobatics Viewer (GAViewer) ready in a couple of weeks and we can start evaluating what needs to be done to make it all come together. The biggest problem will be to create some realistic airfiles - plane models ain't so difficult - it's all in the airfiles. But there are some good motorized airfiles around so we might learn a trick or two of those... :lightbulb: I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Aerosoft Discus - Mathijs should be able to come up with an reasonably useful airfile... :dirol: :cheers2: Max
  11. Hi, how's this for a looping ? :big_boss: It's a recording of an FSX looping as displayed in an aerobatic viewer... One thing's for sure - we need a lot of new - decent - airfiles... :smoke: :cheers2: Max.
  12. @Don Yes, I agree about the possible limitations of MSFS - but one can always try (LOL) - adding thermals to FS98 wasn't that easy either... @Scott The challenge is just what I like (love) - it's all about finding the limits of what's possible - glider aerobatics hasn't been done - yet... @Hodge Gliding aerobatics must be the most demanding form of soaring - even more demanding than it's motorized version (without an engine to save you) - it must be the purist form of flying... btw - using aerobatics within thermal flights is a waste of energy - in thermal flight never pull up - just take the turn... The brandnew recorder is running - 25 records per second is possible - a 3D viewer is next... :cheers2: Max
  13. Hi all, one of the discarded old projects I found on one of my harddiscs is the Aerobatic Viewer - a way to fly and judge aerobatic sailplane flights. The general idea at the time was to create the possibilty to fly aerobatic figures in MSFS - to display the figures to fly in the sky - how to fly them and get comments while flying them (like a real time instructor...) and to be able to judge those flights afterwards. I'm just wondering if there would be any interest in a project like that: it would mean to design an all new 3D viewer, a library of figures to fly, a couple of special aerobatic planes (both old and new), a new recorder, special gauges, aerobatic panels, ect., ect.... The files I dug out where for FS2000 so I guess some updating is needed - the best way might be to start anew... Any suggestions ? :cheers2: Max.
  14. I love it - finally a replacement for the old fs2k version... :respect: :cheers2: Max ps - Dave, how about doing one of Marske's planes next - I know you love flying wings... M
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