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  1. for the record, it feels like the CRJ has the default MSFS aerodynamics which i wont lose too many words about i noticed some very distinct floating in touchdowns where i could easily keep the plan at 10ft for half the runway with 5° nose up attitude. i did another experiment where i kept the plane stable at a 140kt approach and didnt flare at all, just flew it into the runway at 140kts and it didnt bounce and the nose wheel floated in the air until it finally touched down after around 7000ft, idle thrust, spoilers deployed this is pretty ridiculous imo, the modeling and everything is gorgeous and i'm really enjoying the system depth but the default flight model definitely doesnt do the CRJ justice
  2. mainly posting this for the record but the aersoft crj seems to use the default msfs jet engine logic/input response model which is pretty broken (i'm seeing the same in the cj4 and a320) when increasing the throttle, n1 will decrease (!) at first, and only rise after a short pause then. so for example, n1 = 60%, you bump the throttle up a bit, n1 will decrease to 55%-ish, and then increase to e.g. 63%. its pretty offputting and makes it harder to manage power during approaches.
  3. tksr

    ITT slow to rise

    its absolutely not normal and completely different from any turbine engine start you will see on youtube, in the aerosoft CRJ after introducing fuel, theres a 5-10 second lag where fuel flow is shown (200kph) and ITT stays at zero/low, while n1 and n2 keep increasing. only then ITT will increase steadily to the idle value, without the distinct spike that turbines have while spooling up to idle its probably the default msfs jet engine logic which is atrocious, much like the turboprop model 🤷‍♂️
  4. fwiw i have the same feeling, flaps 1-30 are not really noticable and then theres a distinct ballooning with flaps 45. doesnt feel very realistic to me
  5. i can confirm this occurs when only pressing the "set payload in simulator" once. when i click it at least twice, everything works more or less as expected. this problem is further exacerbated by the fact that there is no visual feedback if the button click was successful. so: - fix the bug that the payload has to be set twice to make the CG work properly - make a button-pressed visual state so you can easily tell when the button click was accepted, this also goes for the v-speed buttons especially also kind of related: the plane comes off the ground very easily but right after takeoff, you need to add a LOOOT of back elevator to keep it pitching up towards the FD horizontal bars. this also feels quite odd, maybe there's a bug there as well
  6. ordered the bravo on feb 5th, order no 1120293006. any clues on when it might ship?
  7. i just managed to pull the CRJ back off the runway at 80kts with ground spoilers deployed and got like 50 feet back in the air lol. i had really high hopes for the CRJ but i might as well be playing ace combat at this point not to knock aerosoft, its by far the best plane on MSFS but the platform just isnt up to provide a decent sim at this point. see ya next year i guess
  8. some further observations - just now trying the DODEN9T out of EDDL/23L, the plane blew right past the first waypoint (a left turn), turned way late, while on SPD/NAV/AP engaged - wanted to switch to PITCH hold as suggested by a RL CRJ pilot on these forums, hit VS once to get VS +2.7, hit VS again for PTCH and set the PITCH to around 7.5 while in the belated left turn -> plane started descending (!) at 1400fpm, didnt follow the vertical FD bars at all, at which point i ragequit sorry to say but this is in no way enjoyable. i really wanted to like the CRJ and i'm sure aerosoft did what they could but MSFS is just an atrocious sim at this point
  9. this may have something to do with my local settings, although i have all sounds settings to default/100 volume? i noticed that the cockpit is very quiet in general and on touchdown, there is no sound, the view doesn't shake/jolt or anything, so on my first two flights i wasnt even sure i had touched down at all if it wasnt for the "ground spoilers deployed" CAS message. feels very unrealistic to me
  10. the title says it all basically, i noticed the following AP issues during some quick traffic patterns with ILS backup: - the altitude capturing slows the VS to a crawl when nearing the selected altitude, it will go down to 100fpm at the end -> the ALTS CAP will flash for a very long time, and it will take several minutes to go from 2500 to 3000 when 3000ft is selected, for example - when ALT mode, the altitude will sometimes wander around, the AP will often allow +/- 100 fpm which will make the aircraft gradually lose the selected altitude, see screenshot unfortunately the windows snipping tools lost the screens but i also noticed: - AP didnt manage to intercept ILS when at 30 degree intercept angle, pretty bad overshoot (no tailwand, doing like 180kt so no problems there) - when on HDG/ALT mode and turning to intercept the final, up to -600fpm during turns (!) and didnt try to recapture lost altitude when straight and level again - after overshoot of ILS track, very tame correction angle, i.e. took very long to get back on track - LOC/GS mode allowed the plane to get 1 dot low on the GS, no "glideslope!" callout either this is very disappointing to say the least
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