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  1. Bonsoir everyone ! Do you think it's possible to request CRJ1000 BRIT AIR F-HMLA . F-HMLXCRJ 1000 AF.html Many thanks for your reply ! COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content only.
  2. With only ICAO codes CRJ900 EDLP.crjfms CRJ900 EDLP.fxml CRJ900 EDLP.wx CRJ900 EDLP.crj
  3. Thank you for your reply Aerosoft NavDataPro AIRAC cycle : 1708 Revision : 1 Valid (from/to): 20/JUL/2017 - 16/AUG/2017 CRJ700 GATE.crj CRJ700 GATE.crjfms CRJ700 Gate.fxml CRJ700 Gate.wx
  4. Still the same problem with v1.2.2.2. As soon as the flight plan is filled in the file .CRJFMS it is impossible to load the flight. By inserting a line with an "X" in front of LPT1 of the .CRJFMS file no crash but no more flight plan. config: FSUIPC free on P3DV4 FSUIPC with Lic P3DV3 CRJ installed only in V4 P3D V4 on a Disc different from V3 Good Courage and Thanks
  5. Same for me in V4 and V3 after several installation and deleting all the files. One solution to catch a flight: Before saving go out of VNAV and LNAV by staying on PA, and save. Delete the file .CRJFMS in Documents V4 files. When the flight is loaded again it will be necessary to load the flight plan and delete the points already passed.
  6. Thank you for the answer. But that causes the closing of the V4.3 when there is a flight plan. Load without plan but only on the ground, in flight the aircraft is incontrôlable.
  7. What procedure to save a current flight and load it thank you
  8. Bonjour, J'utilise un E8500 OC 3.71, 4 GO de RAM DDR2 pour la carte graphique GTX260+ OC et W7 64 Configuration stable mais qui est limite avec le 737 NGX PMDG en particulier à LFPG ou EDDF ceci avec les curseurs à 80%environ. Je vol sur MD11, Maddog 2010, 767 Level.D, 737 NGX PMDG, ATR F1, Airbus X. Aeroports Aerosoft EDDF, EDDH, EDLP, ENGM, LOWW, LOWI, LFPG Bonne continuation
  9. Bonjour, Après plusieurs installation FSX et CDG X problème de crash au terminal 2G sur plusieurs emplacements (J39..) crash entre CDG2 et CDG1 sur les 2 voies de circulation. La mise à jour est bien installée. Merci pour votre travail Marcuus
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