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  1. I'm pretty sure that many people that purchased the aerosoft F-16 and A-10 would love to have the capacity to fire and blow something up. It's not to be aerosoft's task to include a full military simulator along with a civilian simulator. All I, and many others that could grasp the idea, want is to have a very detailed collision detection engine and the possibility of a very moddable and open code so others could make military addons or make combat planes that can be deployed in military tasks all over the world. That would be so freakin' cool. With hard work and some military simulation variables (IR radars, aircraft's heat signature, Radar cross section simulation, etc) this simulator will definetly excel at civil flight and achieve a fair and decent combat simulation.
  2. hahahahhahahaha oh!! c'mon!! a real hardcore flightsim in a console? How will you bind all the functions and keys needed to a 12 button and two axis controller? Who will buy it? Same people that love Ace combat and HAWX?
  3. I hope your reverse psychology works!! Please do not make a beautiful 777!! We got plenty of these...
  4. Freaking awesome! Imagine that engine, simulated physics, damage models and collision detection in a new modern flight sim. The total flight simulator for any pilot
  5. You can tell that when noticing that the screens have rounded corners as the old CRTs
  6. Something like an pretty much enhanced landclass. There's no need for users to download GE data. Only a precise and detailed landclass out of the box with beautiful grass, sand, swamp, pasture, tarmac, stones and other textures. And photoreal imagery available only for the main cities with the possibility to add more cities. That would be so cool! Just imagine 3D grass geometrically instanced that can be seen fading in at certain LODs. Cool! I like these three suggestions better and it's possible, at reasonable performance, to implement them. For example if the ocean was actually volume with bouyancy and forces you could see your plane sinking in its waters instead of freezing with a "splash" message. It's all about engineering. All Aerosoft needs is either a great engine and tweak it here and there to adaapt it for wonderful flight sim or hire some real good game programmers.
  7. The seasonal/night-day textures system obviously is a limitation of the MSFS series engine. I also say that a season engine feature is necessary in this flight sim. The engine Aerosoft chooses needs to be able to allow this seasonal color/appearance change in the default texture via a pixel shader -just like the FSX default runways dry/wet effect. Now achieving a night apperance without extra textures takes a little more effort. One solution I could think of would be to mark/paint some "light Spots" using an alpha channel in the default texture so these Lights spots don't get dimmed when low or no lightning is casted upon them. These light spots could be specific metro areas and most lit buildings on that texture tile. Otherwise, you're gonna need to use thousand of actual light to illuminate the ground but that is just not possible at reasonable perfomance these days.
  8. What happened with the screenshots that were going to be published last weekend? I wanna see what she looks like so far
  9. Many helcopters will be added eventually later with high quality payware/freeware planes and helis. It's better that Aerosoft focus on develop a fistful of ultra detailed planes with a very realistic flight model and avionics rather than making 50 planes with average FM such as FSX does. Maybe one bush plane, one airliner, one glider, one ultralight, one jet, one military plane (showing the combat abilities on their new flight smulator).
  10. I like This a lot!! It's a great solution to the always repeating clouds textures/sprites. A particle systems could be used to generate these humidity/weather relative clouds and it will make them look actually 3D.We don't need animated people or animals. That's too much expensive for rendering in ths current computer generation. Keep the sea/street traffic and add train/ railroads traffic. One way to let players see the other players' custom planes would be compiling an "extra" lower quality model along with the .mdl/.flt file so this low-res model could be downloaded quickly and thus preventing this downloaded plane from being flyable for players who haven't bought/got the actual product. The model.cfg file will kinda look like: normal=P-47D23 interior=P-47D23_interior Multiplayer=P-47D23_MP
  11. I know . I just wanna dream on
  12. Actually, afterwards taking the snapshot I level the plane and managed to pull up flying away skyscrappers safely. I broke some building windows, though. The pilot not only lost his license, he got sued for all the damages caused
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