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  1. Hi masterhawk, I purchased the software from Simware however it nodes not have a shop account. Currently the version of aircraft is V1008 and nothing else. Its not updated at all. Regards
  2. Hi All, I've been trying to update my A330 but keep telling me i need to update by the new installer. I cant seem to find it. Would be grateful is someone can point me to the right direction please. Thank you
  3. Hi Menendez Diego, Thank you very much for the answer which was what i was looking for.
  4. Dear All, I am throughly enjoying this F16 but i would like to know how do i cold start the F16 from a hanger, ramp or from some airbase in US or any other country? When i try SHIFT+2 option, i will always start at the end of the runway that i have choosen to fly from. Any help is most appreaciated.I have seen videos of other flyers doing a Cold Start from a Ramp i believe is Nellis AB. Would love to do that too. Thank You in Advance, Gizmo
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