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  1. Mopperle, I have the DVD so I hope it will run ok outside of Europe. I hadn't realised there might be any restrictions or that there might still be a requirement to download very large files. I assumed I would be able to run in offline mode, albeit with scaled down graphics. I will talk to my service provider, although I know the next products are aimed at business and carry a business size price tag!
  2. I live in Africa. I have an "unlimited" package which throttles at 40GB. While the 40GB is live, I get a max of 3Mbs and after that about 50kbs!! Hence my need for the dvd version if I am to run this thing at all. Should I install to H:\ (on my SSD) or create a directory e.g. H:\MSF2020. Which would be better? Noel
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