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  1. First of all, love this scenery, but just some minor issues. Some planes are stuck in the main terminal. See picture below. How can one fix this?
  2. Hi Mario. Thx for your time. I put in the correct version of Dreamliner (v11), and what do you know, it is working like a charm. Thank for your time, and I am sorry to waste it on a such rookie mistake. Best regards Fsktha
  3. Hi Mario. Thx for taken the time to try and help me :). It happens when I apply the throttle Log.txt
  4. Hi. Just bought 787 Dreamliner for Xplane11. Have steam version of Xplane 11. Installed 787 in x-plane 11/aircrafts. When I start a flight everything is ok with average framerate of 30-40. But as I engaged throttle to taxi to runway the frame rate drops to 1-5, and becomes unplayable. This is the only aircraft I experience this problem wtih. Help anyone? Regards Fsktha
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