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  1. Nothing stops raw behemoth "The Mighty RUSLAN" creating its own weather! The epic quality Mr.edetroit touch to this old model gives it a new lease of life!! #Fs9er All the Best to All Members. Thanks & Best Regards, Aviator_86
  2. From archives found this glorious bird! All the Best to one all. Enjoy the Pic. Thanks & Best Regards, Salman.
  3. Hello Folks, Firstly A very Happy New Year 2018 to all of you and offcourse to wonderful Aerosoft team members. Apologies couldn't make up for past months theme screenshot contest,neverthless edetroit made sure I am back to this wonderful monthly themes,Thank you again. Posting my line-up image from FS9 and All the best to all members. Thanks & Best Regards,
  4. Absolutley agree! Always Ed! standards!! A great human who not only helps you and appreciate at your hobby but also encourage with master tips! All simmers are lucky to have you.Everyday boot fs9# with any of his livery and end up toggling cam hours on it such real experience to it enjoying each one of it. Not to mention he is the man who bought me in these monthly screenshot theme contests ! Pleasure to be part of it. Best Regards, Aviator_86
  5. Hello Friends, Very nice theme! lovely frames coming in for this theme. Best of luck to all! Amazing photoreal tail on this Lufthansa MD-11F at EDDL holding for departure and yes not to mention its Fs2004 Thanks & Best Regards, Aviator_86
  6. Good Day, My June 2017 contest entry!! Firstly Thanks very much to fellow #fs9er Captain Mr.Cox for making this livery available just in time for this entry. All the Best everyone, another amazing screenshot theme.Keep it coming! Thanks & Best Regards, Aviator_86
  7. A big thank you to all judges and all other forum/thread members for making it possible and appreciating it very well !! its never simple being an fs9er to make your sim outstanding with obvious competitors with very powerful sims around you! It made it more special as it was my first ever entry for the monthly screenshot contest here. Also an special mention to an special member and good friend Mr.Ed(edetroit) for continuos encouragement and all praises,further making me realise with compilments on this win!! We grew with firm fs9er root is one of the reasons behind it,with his continuos dedication to sim world on his photoreal perfections which is must collectibles for an simmer. Offcourse you know that your recent work Soviet Ruslan has already won many hearts!! On all that being said! Again Thanks very much! looking forward to much more! Thanks & Best Regards, Aviator_86
  8. My May 2017 contest entry! I know its one typical shot but I like the sun flare! Thanks & Best Regards, Aviator_86 Fs9r
  9. My first post in your forum! yes I am still an fs9ner! Whale jet pic from me! Love all top pics making in here! super excited Thanks & Best Regards, Aviator_86
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