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  1. Thanks Mathijs. The elevation issue should not be terribly difficult to fix. Through some tinkering I've managed to adjust the elevation of those buildings in Harlem but it isn't a true fix since this also means that a small area is below grade. I would assume the developer should be able to adjust these elevations pretty easily or at least extend the buildings to the ground with little or no impact to frames. There is also a minor texture transparency bug with the Williamsburg bridge that was relatively easy to fix that the developer should be made aware. Lastly it was reported a long time ago that the Angular top of the Citi Building is facing the opposite way (180 deg) than what it should. The building placement is fine - just the angled top is off.
  2. Mathijs, Thanks again for the update. I believe the floating buildings has been an issue reported early on when the scenery was first released and still exist with the proper settings. They are located mostly in central and west harlem west of where Columbia University is. There is also a small strip south of the 59th Street Bridge on the east side by the river. There really aren't that many notable buildings in harlem and it wasn't until another poster commented on them that I noticed. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/22675-manhattenx-airborn-buildings/page__hl__+manhattanx%20+floating#entry200565
  3. This is terrific news. The update looks great! It's good to know this scenery has not been forgotten. Hopefully they will also fix the floating buildings that were reported early on. Living in New York, I fly this scenery often and it's nearly perfect. Improvements that would be nice would be better model of the Empire State building with more accurate night lighting, adding the animated tram (Roosevelt Island Tram) that runs next to the 59th street bridge, and the Cloisters in Fort Tyron Park. They are lesser know by tourists but very unique to Manhattan and would make the scenery that much more awesome. I know any addition will impact an already FPS demanding scenery but here's to wishful thinking.
  4. The fix I posted up does not fix the floating building issue. I'm hoping that Aerosoft is able to get the developer of this scenery to issue a fix at some point. This is a terrific scenery that I enjoy a great deal but support for this product has really been lax. Maybe they will issue a new patch with the new Freedom Tower erected on the old World Trade Center site.
  5. No Worries Shaun... I've posted the fix in the downloads section with a couple of screenshots to illustrate the problem. Simply Download and place the file in the Scenery Folder under the Root Aerosoft/Manhattan X Folder in your FSX Main Directory http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=647
  6. Simply place this file in the Scenery Folder under the root Manhattan X folder in FSX
  7. 1220 downloads

    This is a fix for Manhattan X and removes duplicate bridges for (Queensboro 59th Street Bridge and the Roosevelt Island Bridge)
  8. I've been flying this scenery for a couple of years now and just recently discovered some duplicate bridges while putting together a little video with Manhattan X as the backdrop. I do not have GEX or Ultimate Terrain so I think this is a small bug with the package. I've attached the video and the duplicates can be seen at 1:56m and 2:02m in. I was also able to create an extrude file to fix this but did not know if Aerosoft was planning on a formal update to fix some of the other minor issues with this scenery (floating buildings, etc).
  9. This video features Manhattan X as the backdrop to 2 A2A Spitfire MKIIa and was created using the excellent Render Video and AI features within the alpha version of FSRecorder. Enjoy http://www.youtube.c...55JsYiRKs0?hd=1
  10. I had this issue as well... try changing active runway to the helipad and see if it places you up top.
  11. Hey Shaun...any update on this or future patches for Manhattan X? I read that Andras is part of Flight Sim Labs so didn't know if he's still supporting his sceneries. Thanx
  12. Shaun, Yes.. the building are there when DX-10 is disabled...but running in DX10 has a dramtic effect on frame rates especaially for this scenery and I believe even the manual suggests running in DX10 mode. What's odd is that this only occurs with certain buildings...Like in the default Las Vegas Scenery. Same thing with semi-transparent buildings at dusk and then they disappear at nighttime. Not sure why none of the other buildings in Manhattan X are not effected. I'm hoping there's a second patch to address . Many thanks, Wally
  13. I'm wondering if there will be a further patch for Manhattan X. There seems to be some structures that go from solid buildings in the daytime to ghosted building at dusk to completely invisible at night. I've included screenshots to illustrate. Notice the disappearance of the cranes and the World Financial Center as daytime goes to nightime. I am running in DX10 mode. A fix for the floating buildings and a more accurate model of the Empire State Building's spire would also greatly appreciated. Many thanks for the terrific scenery, Wally
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