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  1. Well, if there is ever an expansion pack for Antarctica X, I hope they add a cairn at the location of Scott's tent when it was discovered. I know it isn't there any more, but it would be a rather nice tribute to those men in this centenary year, And would it matter that its fictional ? I don't think so - in all that white wilderness, a little artistic license is permissible. ;)

    When funds permit, I'll definitely be getting Antarctica X. :)

  2. Shaun, Adrian, thanks very much. Shaun, those links are very interesting. I had always assumed the cairn was made of rocks, but obviously there were none to be found nearby. And eventually their bodies will reach the sea and be gone forever. Fascinating stuff, thanks again.

  3. James, apparently the humidity introduced by people breathing inside the huts is causing some problems regarding their preservation. Interestingly, last year they unearthed a case of Black & White whisky that had been buried just outside the Shackleton expedition hut!

    Do you know anything of Scott's cairn ? I've Googled it, but even that repository of all human knowledge couldn't tell me. ;)

  4. Adrian, although I dont yet own Antarctica ( very tight budget here ) I think your ideas have a lot of merit, particularly as this year marks the centenary of Scott's ill-fated expedition. Do you happen to know whether the cairn built to cover Scott and his companions in their tent still stands ? If so, that would be another historic site worth including. :)

  5. Is the Bronco available for FS9? I have spent so much time and money getting FS9 just right, that doing the same for FSX will end in an ugly divorce, and will result in frozen hot dogs for dinner. I would gladly buy the Bronco immediately, as it is one of my favorite aircraft of all time.

    Super27, as the Aerosoft Bronco is FSX only, have a look for Tim 'Piglet' Conrad's freeware one. I think you'll find it at the usual places like Avsim, Flightsm.com etc

    I had it in my FS9 days, and it really is excellent. A few of my old screenshots to help you decide...





  6. From a personal viewpoint, I think the Catalina needs 2D panels least of all the aircraft I currently have installed in FSX. On a wide screen monitor, that low broad flightdeck and instrument panel seem to fit it perfectly.

  7. Thanks for the kind words. You might know this development team really likes these slightly whacky aircraft. They will do the Beaver or the Twin Otter next. Both aircraft with loads of character.

    Yes, Mathijs, and Finn...keep it slightly whacky and unusual. There are so many interesting aircraft yet to be modelled. :)

  8. This post does nothing more useful than to register my happiness with this aircraft which, despite my very restricted budget for such things, joined my collection today. ( Thanks for the Christmas sale, Mathijs! ) It is a joy to fly, to look at, to point and click around, and to listen to. As I've said often before, I am largely a vintage piston prop fan, and the Catalina is my primary aircraft, but this beautiful Bronco is an absolute delight. I had an hour flying round Tongass Fjords this afternoon, and I must wonder...has there ever been a better aircraft to go site-seeing in FSX ? I doubt it. Its also a speedy beast, so who knows...a candidate for a Round The World trip maybe.

    A big thank you to everyone involved in developing this terrific aircraft. Once again, Aerosoft has delivered something very special.


  9. To make the whole island would really require a powerful machine.

    I doubt it would require any more powerful a machine than one required to run scenery add-ons such as FlyTampa's Hong Kong & Kai Tak, London VFR, or any of Aerosoft's major US cities. Looking at screenshots, it appears that Imaginesim's product only covers Changi airport and not the whole island, so Singapore in its entirety has not already been done; not for FSX anyway.

  10. Kent, if you look through the thread that PatrickZ links to, you will see that I suggested Singapore a while back. Yes, it would be an ideal project, being a small island with plenty of city scapes and airports. I just hope if its ever done, that Palau Bukom is included. And night textures too, of course. Gawd, how I loved that place !

  11. Friedhauf, just jumped into the Cat, and I see what you mean. If you are in the VC, and from the drop down Views menu, select New View / Cockpit / CP Backwall, and click on the right-hand mixture lever, it moves the throttle lever in the VC. As you say, its doesn't always happen. Try right-clicking on the CP Backwall window and select Undock Window - that seems to sort it out for me. Undocking the window restores all the proper functionality to the backwall switches and levers.

  12. A great video, Soya. Watched it in 1080p and full screen - wonderful. The only thing I would say is that you might want to rethink the music you use. Beethoven is okay, Ry Cooder is particularly good ( American Airlines 737 over Nevada ), but doom-laden music from LOTR ? Its just a 737 on a routine domestic flight, not a B-52 about to deliver a nuclear bomb !


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