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  1. Would be great if you can do it. So we can calculate at higher speed in PFPX.
  2. I guess I found the problem. You wrote with your profiles on A320-214 you can fly at FL230 at M0.60-M0.71. So I calculate a flight on FL230 from EDDF to EDDM with speeds at LRC / M.60 / M.65 / M.70 / M.71 / M.72 and M.78 The result is with LRC and the Mach between M.60 and M.71 PFPX calculate the speeds correctly. If I set now M.72 or M.78 (this is not in the range in the profile at FL230 as you wrote above) PFPX automatically uses LRC speed for the flight.
  3. Well I have to check this setting. But maybe you can check it to calculate a short flight for example on FL190 if you have the same problem that PFPX only use LRC speed.
  4. Okay I understand. So PFPX calculate the A320 below FL290 with LRC. But can I select an higher speed manual in PFPX to fly more then LRC below FL290? For example Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Munich will fly on FL230 with an speed of N0414FL230. This is more then LRC. Is this possible with PFPX or they calculate only with LRC below fl290 ?
  5. If I select M.60 or M.70 instead of Cost Index like 20, will PFPX calculate with LRC as well below FL290?
  6. Thanks for the update. Well after a complete re installation the problem still exist with version 1.28.8. What I found as well is with the standard templates from PFPX there is no CLIMB CRUISE Descent Schedule available. Its grey and not clickable.
  7. I have found an bug with the Cost Index. With all Airbus it makes no diffrence what Cost Index I set, for example CI 10 or CI 20. The speed is always the same. Its not only with Airbus. Same with 777 profiles and so on. I think its an problem with PFPX 1.28.8 regards Sascha
  8. Ich habe das Problem auch in LEJ mit GAP 2 2012 Nachts mit den Taxiways. Kannst Du Dir das mal ansehen?
  9. Problem behoben. Siehe: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/49427-neue-nordwest-landebahn-07l25r-fr-maf-2008/page__st__40
  10. Danke Oliver, das Problem ist behoben. Hatte das auch in diesem Thread schon gepostet: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/49430-map-eddf-nachttexturen-matsch/
  11. Mir gehts es darum, dass ich auf der Center keine Texturen sehe. Kein RWY Designator und .....
  12. Was ist mit der Nachttexture für die 07C/25C, im vergleich zur 07L/25R? Airport ist komplett neu installiert.
  13. Während der Dämmerung bleiben die Texturen scharf und man sieht alles. Erst wenn es RICHITG DUNKEL ist, ist es matschig.
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