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  1. where can I download the new full installer?
  2. How can version 1401 not be available with Aerosoft Update?
  3. I have the same problem installed on P3D v5 Hot Fix 2 you need to work harder to resolve. impossible to be able to fly in the dark, I hope this is understandable Thank you
  4. I am attaching 2 liveries downloaded from this website. maybe possible rebuild and repaint for P3D v5 thanks a lot A320_CFM_ALITALIA_EI-DSA.zip Aerosoft A320neo Alitalia.zip
  5. Would anyone be able to repaint an livery Alitalia A-320 CFM Professional for P3D v5 ? Thanks in advance
  6. thank Mathijs for answering. Can you post a link where I can download an Alitalia livery A 320 CFM for P3D v5?
  7. I have already installed 2 liveries already published in the EI-DSA and EI-EIB I tried with the Aerosoft Livery installer and also in the manual way with modifying aicraft.cfg file When I start the simulator and choose the plane I don't have a preview and therefore no panel. Can anyone help me understand? Thanks a lot
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