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  1. Unable to enter restrictions/Other misc. - Manual Flight, Autoflight and Flight Management - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES @Hans Hartmannappears to have answered your question and it looks like F200AF220B might provide what you need, as long as the MSFS CRJ follows the functionality of the previous versions.
  2. There have been two reports from people who didn't know about this, just in the last couple of days, and as I generally leave my fuel mixture lever at full rich, i wasn't aware that it affects all aircraft. I was just trying to ensure that people are aware of what might be causing their engines to inexplicably cut out.
  3. If you have a control mapped to fuel mixture and have it set to full lean, your CRJ engines might cut out. Controls don't appear to be synchronised at start-up, but if you press ESC and then resume, the virtual controls are aligned with your physical controls. Recommend that you either remove the fuel mixture mapping or make sure that it is always set to full rich when flying the CRJ.
  4. I've just got round to checking this myself and it is indeed the fuel mixture lever that kills the engine, when moved to full lean. Therefore, if you had it set there, whether the CRJ should use it or not, it will kill the engines.
  5. Ah, I've just checked and moving the mixture lever back to full lean does kill the engines in the CRJ, despite the fact that the CRJ doesn't have a manual fuel mixture control. You might want to either unmap that axis or, as I tend to do now, just push the mixture lever forward to full rich.
  6. I'm loving it but trying to figure out why the 700 takes off so enthusiastically, yet the 550 needs a fair bit of encouragement. I've set the weights in the same way and set the take-off trim, but for me, the 550 really does need to be "dragged" into the air. I'm probably just doing it wrong.
  7. Pressing ESC and then resuming will synchronise the virtual controls in the cockpit with the position of your physical controls, so if you have anything mapped, deliberately or not, to a switch that is set to a position that would stop your engines, this is what would happen. I'd check all bindings, using the 'Assigned' category, to see if you have any potential candidates. The fuel mixture axis had this effect on other aircraft, whether they had a visible fuel mixture control or not, but I am fairly sure that will not be the case with the CRJ.
  8. maybe, hopefully temporarily, try another button/key, to see if you can get the primary control selected.
  9. It does vary a little, but it does stop working after a point. Maybe I'm just having to move in a lot more, as I have yet to get a G2. That probably won't be a problem for me for long though.
  10. Exactly what is it or isn't it doing? If you've mapped a button/key to the 'cockpit interaction - primary control' command, then you need to press that key after you have hovered over the Altitude knob, for this example, and seen the curved arrow. The mouse pointer should disappear and you should then be able to use the buttons/keys that you had mapped, to increase or decrease the altitude. The only other things, i can think of, that might stop it working are:- 1. If you press the right mouse(zoom) button after selecting the primary control, that will be deselected 2. If you move your head too much away from the point that it was when you selected the primary control, the value won't change when you use the inc/dec commands.
  11. I use a combination of the HUD, which makes the selected altitude easier to read, along with the MSFS Cockpit Interaction commands, that effectively let you hold on to the alt sel knob and adjust it, without having to be looking at it. Maybe check out "Sticky" controls - Virtual Reality (VR) / Cockpit Interaction - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  12. I'd check your control mappings in MSFS, to see if anything that might result in the engine(s) shutting down, is somehow mapped to a switch on one of your controllers. If that switch is set in the cut-off position, the alt-tabbing might cause the first synchronisation of the virtual cockpit with your physical controls and result in the engines being cut. I had this happen to me, a few weeks ago, with the fuel mixture axis, that wasn't even supposed to be used in the aircraft i was flying. I'd left the lever in the full lean position and the aircraft was fine until an ESC then resume cycle, caused the engine to cut out. I don't think the CRJ has this particular, fuel mixture axis issue, by the way, but there may be other valid controls that you have mapped.
  13. Oh, you'll have to forgive me for not knowing that, given this is the first time you have posted in this thread. If it's a bug then fair enough, but the behaviour described by the OP, of whom i asked the question, is the sort of behaviour that yaw dampers are designed to prevent, so it was a question worth asking.
  14. I hate to ask, but had you turned the Yaw Dampers on?
  15. I had no trouble catching the GS on quite a few landings, but then when I started my tour of US State Capitals, I experienced exactly the same issues as described in the OP. From that, it would appear that it might be something to do with the destination airfield and/or the associated navdata. There don't appear to be many on here, but there are others reporting issues on the MSFS forums and it'd be interesting to see whether there might be something in common with all of the peeps that are having this issue. BTW, my latest flight was KPVD to KBDL, with ILS R24 being the runway of choice for the arrival at KBDL. It is a very short flight, so shouldn't be too tough for someone to reproduce.
  16. The downloaded file contains the installer, in the form of a .exe file and not in the usual folder format that you would simply copy into the Community folder. The installer can indeed by extracted to anywhere on your system, but when you run it, it automatically finds where your MSFS is installed and adds the necessary install files to the associated Community folder. I don't use an addon linker, at least not yet, so I will leave it to someone who does to answer your question about using one to manage the CRJ files.
  17. From my experience, if you fly too slow, you drop below the GS and if you fly too fast you go above the GS. Perhaps this is why aircraft with auto-throttle find it easier to stay on the GS. We perhaps all just need to work on our throttle skills
  18. I'd always thought that my Warthog throttle had not reverse thrust axis, but that is apparently only with the default idle detent in place. Now, with that detent removed and making use of the throttle calibration facility, in the options tab of the EFB, I have been able to set an Idle stop that is slightly further forward than the previous detent and use the axis below this new idle position as the reverse thrust axis. Without a physical detent however, I need to remember disarm the reverse thrusters after take-off, to avoid the embarrassment that might be caused by accidentally activating them, whilst in flight. I'm now on the lookout for a detent mod, maybe for an airbus, as that has the right number of stops, that will provide a little more protection against accidental activations. Shapeways does them, but the delivery costs to the UK are almost twice the value of the item itself, so I'll try to find one on this side of the pond.
  19. I've found something in MSFS that I hadn't been previously aware of and it is likely to be very useful, for me at least, in the CRJ cockpit. The feature, in the controls section, is known as "Cockpit Interaction" and it allows the pilot to move the mouse cursor over a control that can then be selected as the primary, secondary or tertiary control. A control of interest if you like. Once selected, the mouse cursor disappears and you can then look elsewhere in the cockpit and adjust the selected control, using an increment or decrement control of your choice. I have allocated the mouse wheel button (mid) to select the control and the mouse wheel itself to increment and decrement. The one drawback I have found so far, is that if you move your head too far from the position it was in when selecting the the increment/decrement actions stop working until you return it to that position. Also, if you use the right mouse button to zoom in, that appears to unlock the control of interest. Oh, and the HUD displays the selected altitude far more clearly, so i can use the HUD with cockpit interaction, to set it. A new headset and GPU is definitely going to be the best bet, but I thought this might help others.
  20. Can I ask if you have found a way to adjust the 'landing field elevation'? The knob is as high on the overhead panel as you can get, with the display of the affected value is on the MFD. I understand that this is how the real aircraft is laid out, but humans IRL are able to hold and twist a knob while they aren't looking straight at it and i have yet to find a way of doing that in VR.
  21. From memories of the preview thread, I'm fairly sure that although this facility is not available yet, it is planned for a future update. In the meantime, as the jet isn't really designed for really long distances, it shouldn't be too tough to enter the route directly into the FMS. Alternatively, as mentioned earlier, you can always import from Simbrief.
  22. Maybe a place to discuss VR specific topics?
  23. I've tried it and the main issue for me is that I have to zoom/lean in to see the PFD. That wouldn't normally be a problem, but when setting the Alt Set, the mouse cursor doesn't stay on the Alt knob, when you zoom in on the PFD, so you can't adjust it while you look at it. I'm fairly sure you can do this on the CJ4, for example. That means I have to look at the Alt Set on the PFD, adjust the Alt knob, look at the PFD, adjust the knob, rinse and repeat, until i get to the right altitude setting. OK, I could solve this by getting a better GPU/VR Headset or maybe by adjusting my settings, but that wouldn't work for when you're trying to set things like the airport elevation, for example. In short, the issue is that the VR mouse cursor follows your gaze when it should stay on the control that you are adjusting. IRL, you would be able to adjust a knob whilst looking at a readout elsewhere.
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