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  1. Hello Which I am sorry that so far have not given me any solution to the fatal error that appears when you leave AirbusX. I do not know that rrefiere my statement?. Greetings
  2. Hello I've been since I got it, unable to use their AirbusX, for the same problem happens to mate, after many annoyances I have given up their use, do not say you have colleagues who use it and do well everything. But there are a number of us who only gives problems (see forums) and not addressed in any final manera.Lo has been Msvcr71.dll And msvcp71.dll files. Aerosoft's problem for our PC, but not only gives these problems, also acceleration and very incomplete as to the FMC. I have installed many planes and not give me problems MD11 PMDG 747 examples, CAPTAINSIM 757, 727, 767, Etc. Wilco I think you should ask to change the whole operation AirbusX. A Salute Sorry for the English. Translator is
  3. Hello everyone Sorry for my English, because it is a translator. I have the same problem as previous consultant and the question I desistaldo whole and INTAL FSX Airbus only the X and the same problem, I think it is not PC and yes of aerosof and although we are the minority that does not work well believe the plane that should be taken as solutions and not ignore us, I sent several emails to customer service and in no response last for more than 20 days Just to say that for my part Aerosoft should be aware that something is wrong My compliments to everyone The AIRBUS - X. Stay on the shelves and not in FSX. € 40 for garnish GreetingsEscucharLeer fonéticamente Diccionario - Ver diccionario detallado
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