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  1. I give up! I have a lovely airport which resembles nothing like the real Paris Charles de Gaulle, more like a ghost town. Basically there is hardly any AI traffic - with traffic set at 100% I counted about 10 aircraft at gates!! I have MyTraffic 2010 plus I have researched the airlines that use Charles de Gaulle and added flight plans for those airlines not included in MT2010, and yet still nothing. I have also tried different AFCAD's from AVSIM. Does anyone else have this problem or if not, what are you doing to make it busy? Cheers Rich
  2. 2.20d is superb. The addition of catering personnel, bus drivers and push back tug drivers is excellent. Let's not be picky about too many things - sure it would be nice to have an all singing all dancing AES, but what it already offers is excellent. Let's look forward to additional groundstaff personnel, such as the cleaning stafff coming out and going up the stairs, the fuel truck guy and water & lavatory truck guy coming out and working, and hopefully seeing luggage being loaded and unloaded etc. Like a schoolboy in a toy shop, I eagerly look forward to each new addition. Superb job Oliver!!
  3. Congrat's on a wonderful add-on. Since discovering AES it has massively improved the flight experience!! The fact that you continue to develop with new airport sceenries is brilliant!! Rich
  4. Many thanks, a fair trade!! I also noticed UK2000 Birmingham Xtreme V2 is not yet supported having just recently upgraded, but it will be in AES V2.12. Will the same type of discount apply?
  5. Hi I currently have AES credit assinged to 3 airports which I intend to upgrade. They are as follows: EDDM Aerosoft GAP1 Munich to GAP MA-Munich X LFPG Simwings Paris France2 2005 to Simwings/AS MA-Paris CDG X LOWI Aerosoft GAP1 Innsbruck-Old to Aerosoft Innsbruck 2009 Can you please tell me if it is possible to transfer the credits from these old airports to the new ones? Cheers Richard
  6. I would assume I have to add the new airport, then stop traffic going to previous airport and then create the same frequency for each airline to the new airport. Only prolem is that in the instructions with MyTraffic, under the paragraph for "Add new airport", there are no instructions other than a link 'this discussion'. This link however does not work in Adobe Acrobat and I do not have Word on my PC, so how exactly do I add a new airport? When in the Editor it is not clear how to do this.
  7. Hi I have MyTraffic 2010 installed with FS9. I recently added Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (VTBS) to replace the old airport of Bangkok Intl (VTBD). Is there an easy way to transfer all the AI traffic which currently uses VTBD over to VTBS? Many thanks Richard
  8. I could not find any fx files that cleary stood out as belonging to MyTraffic. I therefore installed Flight Simulator on another PC and deleted all fx files and the texture files in the TEXTURE folder. I then installed MyTraffic and looked again. It created absoloutely no new fx files. The texture files it installed in the TEXTURE folder I could not view, but there was only 1 texture file per aircraft, so I doubt these are lights. So exactly what are they using for lights?
  9. Hello again Shaun I have looked at the aircraft.cfg file and none of the files for the MT2010 aircraft have a [LIGHTS] section, where you would normally find the entries for light fx files. Please advise what fx file these aircraft are using and where the entry is in the aircraft.cfg file so that I can change it? Many thanks Richard
  10. Hello Shaun I know about the aircraft.cfg files but I cannot see what needs changing. Is it a value I need to change or something else? Cheers Richard
  11. Can someone tell me if it is possible to change the lights on the AI aircraft in My Traffic 2010? The reason is that I find the nav, beacon, strobe lights etc far too big and bright - I would like a more subtle realistic look. Cheers Richard
  12. Can someone please let me know if MyTraffic 2010 for FS2004 is compatible with Windows7 x64? I have had a nightmare discovering many of my existing products will not work in this OS (no Aerosoft products yet, which is why I am asking in advance!!). Many thanks Richard
  13. Is there any reason why the AES follow-me service constantly taxi's me into oncoming aircraft? I thought it would have used the lovely pink dotted lines of progressive taxi to lead me to gates (this always uses the correct taxi paths and keeps me away from oncoming traffic, or gets ATC to stop me if there is going to be a clash).
  14. Just for future reference if anyone else has a similar problem, the scenery was as follows: Project Lisbon Photoreal (PLP) by Pedro Oliveira. Obviously as the file was called PLP I had no way of identifying it as Lisbon. Hence I now clearly label all folders/files so that I can identify them more easily!!
  15. PROBLEM SOLVED - I looked through possible sceneries I might have installed and found I had installed a 3rd party photoreal scenery of the Lisbon area. One I removed all of the files related to this it fixed the problem.
  16. I installed Lisbon 2008 some time ago and thought it looked great. I have only just got around to using it however and discovered what can best be described as 2 different levels. When I activated AES the vehicles appeared above the main surface of the airport in mid air. Then when I taxied out to the runway, it too was on a higher level then the rest of the airport. This is the same for all the runways. I had a similar problem with the FSDT Zurich airport and discovered through a general forum that a file called AP950150.bgl in the scenery folder was the problem. Once this was removed it solved the different levels. Could it be that Lisbon 2008 is creating a similar file in the scenery folder causing this problem? I do not have any special mesh installed for Lisbon or Portugal, only Just Flight FS Global SE. Rick
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