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  1. question to SAR71 ... how do you get the stripes to align from the fuselage to the tail section? is it just trying out or did you know a specific trick for this? I planned a repaint too, with a similar stripe, and have no clue how to align this. also how to cut the stripe inside the rudder part, as the tail logo will be apart there, no ? many thanks Marc
  2. vali thanks for your reply...i rechecked it again, and now it worked... i thought, that the speed from the mcdu would be taken right away into the autopilot as soon as i push the speed knob in managed mode... but it only comes to this speed after you have flaps full selected...it works now thanks a lot Marc
  3. Hello I was fortunate enough to spend saturday afternoon in a cockpit of an Airbus 320 on a flight to Las Palmas and Lisbon, always for take-off and landing... (and best of all, even get paid for it.) I watched the pilots during the approach.. they selected speed 160, while reducing to 160, they got Flaps 1 and 2, then they pushed the speed knob, to get into managed mode, and the autopilot took the landing speed in the MCDU automatically.... when i try this in the aerosoft bird, the autopilot stays at 160 kts.... am i doing something wrong here? or is this feature not implemented... for the rest, i can only congratulate aerosoft for this nice bird, i immediately felt at home when i entered the cockpit there... many thanks Marc
  4. hi as i wrote in an earlier message, i am experiencing the same strange behaviour the last 100 ft on approach... i am not sure, but i have a feeling, that as soon as i am at 100 ft, the simulation runs faster, as the runway moves much faster than before (like 1,25-1,5 x sim speed) not sure if this is true, but i have this feeling... marc
  5. hi shaun yes, that´s sounds like my experience i am in manual control, A/T in speed mode, just waiting for the RETARD call, when it happens... there is no stall, or whatsoever...it just happens at exactly 100 feet... marc
  6. hello many thanks for the great airbus...i just finished my first flight from Luxembourg (Aerosoft Scenery) to Frankfurt (Aerosoft Scenery as well) ...it just flies great...only problem i am experiencing on every landing, is as soon as the GPWS shouts "100" the flightmodel gets quite unstable, the slightest touch to the ailerons will make the plane shake around like it would be in heavy turbulences... shortly over the ground this disappears again... maybe somebody else has the same problem thanks a lot Marc
  7. hello dear aerosoft team i just received the Seahawk and Jayhawk X package (via simmarket) and I would like to know if there is anything planned like a mission package, like you have for the beaver and twinotter? or are there any missions using the aerosoft helicopter available somewhere? many thanks for your help Marc
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