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  1. Ok. Thx. Then I am happy! 😃 Case closed
  2. Yes. As far as I know. I have done the same several times before. This is also something you can do rather early in the setup. If you start with C&D you only have to switch on bettery and then ground power. Turn on the IRS switches and you should be able to align
  3. When I try to align my IRS it is not possible On my INIT page I have "INIIT REQUEST" (in yellow) on LSK2R, "IRS INIT" (in white) on LSK3R I press LSK3R and see a picture with3 rows stating that IRS 1 to 3 are aligned on GPS. The only butonn possible to press is LSK6L thats says "RETURN" When I press return my INIT page still wants me to align IRS What am I doing wrong? See pics 1 and 2 //Jonas
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